62 Original And Beautiful Names For Your Cat

62 original and beautiful names for your cat

“It is better if it is a short name because the cat will learn it more quickly and when you call it, it will also identify it without difficulty. Names of characters from series, films, or books are generally smart, as well as a fanciful nemesis. Compound or difficult to pronounce names are not good options.”

Bringing a cat into our home is a great responsibility and as such we must think about it thoroughly: if we will have time for it if we can afford, for example, unforeseen veterinary expenses if the whole family will collaborate in its education… There are many factors to take into account and one of them is the choice of your name.

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If it is a large family in which there are children, they will surely want to choose the name of the cat, but the rest of the family must agree with the choice. It is smart to pick it before the feline gets back with the goal that it becomes accustomed to it straight away, yet everything looks great in waiting a few days, getting to know the cat, and seeing how it moves and behaves because perhaps it character Give us some clue and we can think of your name like that.

It is better if it is a short name because the cat will learn it more quickly and when you call it, it will also identify it without difficulty. Names of characters from series, motion pictures, or books are consistently smart, as well as fanciful names or names that get from something particularly amazing to you.

Compound names or names with sounds that are difficult to pronounce are not good options, as they will be complicated for you and also for your cat.

The main weeks are vital because they will be the point at which the feline learns its name. You mustn’t refer to him in any other way than the name you have chosen, as it will confuse him and make it even more difficult for him to recognize it as his. Surely you are tempted to use diminutives or affectionate names but do not do it, especially during the first months.

The learning phase is very important. You can get him used to his name by doing small training sessions, and using positive reinforcement, with a cookie or something healthy to eat that he likes, when he responds to his name. However, you should not tire him out either, as this can be counterproductive.

But, first of all, we must choose the name. If you have just adopted a kitten and have doubts, we will give you some ideas.

62 original and beautiful names for your cat

Bonnie and Clyde: Do you have a male and a female kitten? Give them the names of the two most famous thieves in movie history.

Zoé: Zoe is a beautiful name for your kitten and it is also short and loud, which will allow her to identify and learn it without problems.

Silver: If your cat is silvery gray, Silver is a name that will be perfect for her. It is also short and pretty, and not very common.

Piccolo: Piccola means “little” in Italian, so what better name for your kitty than this?

Ramses: The names of Egyptian, Greek gods, etc., are a good option to find a name for your cat. Ramses is one of the best known and a good name for your kitty.

Frida: Are you a fan of the famous Frida Kahlo? Then surely you have thought about naming your cat, Frida… Well, don’t think about it anymore.

Ozzy: The name of one of the most mythical (and controversial) rock stars, Ozzy Osbourne, can give your cat the originality you were looking for.

Aruba: Aruba is an island located in the Lesser Antilles and, although it is an autonomous country, it is part of the Netherlands. Why not name your cat after her? It is exotic and beautiful.

June: Do you like independent cinema? Unquestionably you recollect the film Juno, and certainly, you preferred it… Provided that this is true, Juno is an optimal name for your feline.

Snow: Okay, maybe it’s not the most original name in the world, but it’s beautiful, short, and direct, and it has the advantage of being unisex. 

Airing: Your black and white cat will love this name… It’s also short and loud and it will be easy for your puppy to learn.

Pandora: Another mythological name that can be perfect for your cat. The fantasy says that she was the primary lady.

Atticus: If you are an inveterate reader, surely you have read the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. If you particularly liked it, why not name your cat after one of his characters?

Ginger ginger: If your kitten is orange, Ginger (which means both “redhead” and “ginger”) will be the ideal name for her.

Cain: You may have doubts as to whether to name your cat Cain, but forget its negative connotations: it is beautiful, loud, and very original.

Katniss: If you have a little adventurer at home, it’s always a good idea to name her after a heroine from a well-known saga. We propose that of the protagonist of The Hunger Games.

Audrey: It is a very classy name for your cat, especially if you are a fan of the great actress Audrey Hepburn.

Blackie: Blackie has the advantage that it is a unisex name, so it will work if you have a male or a female, especially if your cat is black or has black spots.

Bacchus: The god of wine will give your cat the ironic touch you are looking for with his name. The dream says that she was the essential woman.

Maluco: Another good idea for finding your cat’s name is to look up words from other languages. “Maluco” means “crazy” in Portuguese.

Shiva: Shiva is the Hindu god of nature and mystery, as he symbolizes the darkest and most hidden part of nature. Perfect for your mysterious-looking cat.

Sheldon: Are you a serial fan? Then surely you have considered giving your cat a name that appears in a series, such as that of one of the protagonists of The Big Bang Theory.

Bogart: Another option for movie buffs: the last name of one of the most famous actors in history, the protagonist of Casablanca.

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Phoebus: Remember the villain from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? His name (even though he is a villain, which we are sure your cat is not) can be perfect for your kitty.

Nemo: If you have children at home, the name of an animated movie hero has surely come to the fore when it comes to “baptizing” your cat. If your little cat is orange, Nemo will be the ideal.

Chala: Or literally, T’challa is an ideal name for your cat if you’re a fan of Marvel and Wakanda won you over.  Maybe your little puma merits the name of the ongoing Black Panther. It’s not even painted for a black cat!

Boris: In Slavic mythology, it is translated as “one who is big as a bear”. Assuming your feline is large, there will be no more excellent name for it!

Kenny: Beyond being the character that always goes wrong in the South Park series, Kenny means “treasure” in Arabic. Is there a more ideal name? 

Yes and Am: We know that ever since you saw Lady and the Tramp you haven’t been able to get the most famous Siamese cat sisters from the movie out of your mind. Si and Am are, in this way, two ideal names for a couple of sisters.

O’Malley: If your cat is the king of the road, duke of the boulevard, prince, and lord of the country and the city like Thomas O’ Malley from The Aristocats, this will be his name.

Persian: For the most geek fans of Pokemon, you will know that the precious evolution of Meowth is a delicate cat named Persian. If you believe it should have a unique name, this is yours!

Gigil: It originates from the Tagalog language, an ancient dialect of the Philippines, and is a very nice word to describe the urge to squeeze or pinch something very adorable that you love. It is an ideal name for a pet.

Wabi-sabi: It is a very popular Japanese beauty term that translates as “the beauty of imperfection”. It means that imperfections, no matter how small, make a beautiful difference. It is a beautiful word!

Bouquet: It is a word that comes from Balinese and refers to something chaotic and precious at the same time. If your expense is junk but you have never seen a more beautiful animal, it is its name.

Salem: How not! One of the most friendly, sarcastic, and intelligent cats on the screen is Salem, the famous cat from Sabrina, witch things. We are sure that he was one of your favorite characters when you watched the series, and what better name for your cat!

Daiki: It is a tremendously delicate Japanese word that means “glory”. It’s lovely for a kitten’s name!

Makki: If you have a smallish cat, this name is ideal for him as Makki is a Korean word that means “very small”, in a very adorable sense.

Menus: According to Egyptian culture, Menus was the mythological being that represents the moon. Some called him the ruler of heaven. He is an ideal choice for a white cat, as you will attribute his purity and a special mystical essence to him.

Brock: For all those lovers of the first generation of Pokemon, you will know that Brock was a tremendously infatuated character. If your cat is a flirt and is always looking around the world… Brock is his name!

Shiro: Shiro is a fairly common Japanese word meaning “white” or “snowy”. It is a name quite used in much Japanese manga and anime (as in Shin-chan, for example). If your cat is white, there is no better name!

Nicki: Fan of Studio Ghibli movies? If you are a true follower of the dream world generated by her films, perhaps Nicky is the perfect name for a young and curious kitten who never ceases to surprise us.

Hehe: It is the adorable cat born from the imagination of Hayao Miyazaki in his films, which is the best possible companion. If your cat is a good home and life companion and a social animal, Jiji would be a good name for him.

Lyla: Is music your thing? You will have heard then the lovely Oasis melody “Lyla”. An ideal name for a cat will shock everybody. In a second meaning, it can also be Leela, like the famous character from the funny series Futurama.

Mai: The Mai is a type of Japanese dance and can be the ideal name for a restless, affectionate and curious cat.

Yaksok: In Korean, Yaksok means promise or unbreakable bond. Therefore, knowing the bond that forms between pet and owner, Yaksok is an ideal name for a cat.

Phoebe: If you’re a fan of Friends, I’m sure your cat will be delighted to be called after a character as funny and with such a good heart as Phoebe.

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Akira: is a popular Japanese name meaning “bright” or “intelligent”. Also, it can be masculine and feminine. Perfect for your cat!

Amaya: Amaya is a name of Latin origin and, among other things, can mean “rainy night”. A very poetic name for a very special pussycat.

Simba: Who has not cried with the movie  The Lion King? On the off chance that your feline is essentially as respectable as Simba, think no more.

Nirvana: Your cat may have the soul of a rocker. Provided that this is true, Nirvana is an extraordinary name for him. And enjoy music together!

Wild: It comes from Latin and refers to “one who lives in the jungle”. If your cat loves nature and exploring the countryside, it could be his name.

Athena: In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom. If your cat has given you great life lessons, this is a perfect name.

Venus: She was the goddess of love in Roman mythology! And, admit it, you are very much in love with your cat. So this name is ideal for her. 

Harry: It is a name of Germanic origin that means “owner of the home”. Come on, not bad for a cat…

Photo: If you are more into Spanish rock, Fito can be a great name for your cat. Also, if you adopt another furry one in the future, it could be called Fitipaldis.

Toulouse: Toulouse is one of the kittens featured in the Disney movie The Aristocats. He is one of the Duchess’s puppies and lives with her family in the Adelaida Bonfamille mansion.

Neo: Ideal for cat owners, and incorrigible fans of The  Matrix. This is the name of the protagonist of the saga, who plays the actor Keanu Reeves, and it also sounds enigmatic. A name with a lot of personalities.

Pica: Pica is the black cat from the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon series. If you don’t miss an episode of this series that parodies Tom and Jerry and your kitten is black, this is his name.

Yoda: Surely more than one Star Wars lover has come up with this very special name, Jedi Master, for their kitten. What a great idea!

Chocolate: If your cat is as sweet as a chocolate bonbon… give him that name! Bombón is perfect and very original. 

Kira: Although Kira is a very common name in both cats and dogs, it does not stop us from liking it. Don’t know how to put your kitten? Kira is perfect.