A black Labradoodle: The Most Popular Color

A black labradoodle: The most popular color

The Labradoodle is available in different colors. The main colors you can find Labradoodle in are black, red, gray, brown, and blond. In addition, several sub-colors are a variant of these main colors. Of all the colors, the black labradoodle is the most popular color.

Especially because you don’t see much on this color. If your dog is dirty, it will not be as noticeable as, for example, with a lighter color.

The coat of the black labradoodle, like other colors, can be divided into different variations. The black Labradoodle is also available in different sizes, which again depends on the crossing.

If you’ve chosen to choose a Labradoodle as your new friend for life, you can turn to the breeder to pick out a sweet dog. You may encounter different colored puppies. Labradoodle comes in various colors. There are brown, red, gray, and blond Labradoodles, but the black Labradoodle is also very popular.

The coat of the black Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is by definition a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever, but this does not mean that every Labradoodle looks the same. Multiple crossings can be made, and each crossing has its result.

If you want a black Labradoodle, you can choose a dog with a Curly coat (tightly curled), a Fleece coat (wavy or slightly curled), or a Curly Fleece coat (a combination of the other two coats). The black Labradoodle does not suffer from molting periods.

Different types of coats of a black labradoodle

The coat can be different per black labradoodle. The standard cross of a black labradoodle is a labrador retriever with a poodle. Because different types of, for example, the poodle are used, each black labradoodle can have a different type of coat. There are 3 distinct kinds of coats.

The curly, curly fleece, and the wavy fleece. The first has nice thick curls like a powder. The second type of curly fleece has very soft long and thinner curls. The latter type has more of a straight coat with a bit of slash in it. A black labradoodle can have any of these coat types and it just depends on which crossbreed is used.

The coat of the black Labradoodle

The black Labradoodle is by definition a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever, but this does not mean that every Labradoodle looks the same. Multiple crossings can be made, and each crossing has its result. If we just look at the coat type, there are three possibilities:

  • curly. The curly coat means a firm curl 
  • fleece. The fleece coat is slightly curled or wavy. 
  • Curly fleece coat. This is a combination of the just-named coats, option 3.

The advantage of the black Labradoodle is that it does not suffer from periods of molting. 

Black Labradoodles in different sizes

The size of the Labradoodle also depends on the crossbreed. Do you like smaller dogs? Then you can go for the Miniature Labradoodle. This is the smallest and reaches a shoulder height of at least 35 centimeters and a maximum of 42 centimeters. A slightly larger crossbreed is the Medium Labradoodle, which grows to between 43 and 52 centimeters at shoulder height. If you like big dogs then there is the Standard Australian Labradoodle. This is the largest crossing, with a shoulder height of a minimum of 53 centimeters and a maximum of 63 centimeters.

Hypoallergenic coat

One of the reasons the black labradoodle is so popular is because it has a hypoallergenic coat. This is not only true with the black but with all true Labradoodles. This breed originated because a visually impaired woman wanted a service dog, but her husband was allergic to dogs.

The real Labradoodles do not shed or flake which makes them perfect for people who are allergic. With the black Labradoodles, it is just like with the other real Labradoodles that the new coat grows through the old one. By frequent breasts, the old hairs come out. A black labradoodle can carry pollen when he or she has walked outside through the meadow. It is therefore important to brush well.

Always buy from a reliable breeder

If you want to purchase a black labradoodle, you can go to different breeders. Online you can easily look up which breeder is reliable and good. By calling, you can find out if he or she has a black labradoodle.

Keep in mind that most breeders have a waiting list and you must first go for an introductory meeting. This way you can see for yourself whether you think the breeder is good and reliable and the breeder can also estimate whether you are suitable to take a labradoodle into your home. When everything is in order, you can pick it up from the breeder when the black labradoodle is old enough.

14 different colors of the Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle is a breed that has grown in popularity over the years. The breed originated in 1988 when an Australian breeder by the name of Wally Conron was interested in combining two breeds, the Standard Poodle and the Labrador Retriever to bring together the best qualities they have to offer in one dog. 

As with any breed, different color combinations are the result, but with the Labradoodles, there are many different versions of color combinations, and probably even more than other breeds. The Australian Labrador has 14 colors of puppies to choose from and they range from very light cream to various shades of black. Here are the 14 different colors of the Australian Labrador Retriever. 

What costs should you expect?

In the first place, of course, you have to deal with the purchase costs of the black Labradoodle. The price tag differs per breeder. In addition, you naturally have to deal with veterinary costs, such as for the annual vaccinations.

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It is also possible that you take out insurance for this. Then of course you pay the costs for the insurance. It is good to pay attention to precise coverage.

In terms of costs for the labradoodle in black, the costs after buying can be divided as follows:

  • Purchase costs (one-off). Prices vary per breeder in the hundreds of euros. 
  • Costs for the vet. Think of the necessary vaccinations. 
  • Insurance (if desired). Pay close attention to the conditions before you take out something just like that. 
  • Supplies for the home. Think of a basket, a food bowl, a drinking bench, leashes, collar, harnesses, toys, etc. 
  • nutrition 

Make a cost picture

Before you buy a black labradoodle, it is wise to see what the costs will be. You have to think beyond just the purchase price. The black labradoodle also needs to go to the vet, needs food and other supplies.

Purchase prices can vary greatly between breeders. The minimum amount for a black labradoodle is 1,700 euros and this can go up to 2,500 euros. This amount depends on the size of the black labradoodle and the pedigree of this doodle. In terms of other costs, you will have to pay about 1000 euros annually. This includes food, toys, and other necessities such as a food and water bowl. Veterinary costs are also included.

An adult black labradoodle

Of course, you can also go for an older black labradoodle. This way you don’t have to go through the entire upbringing process and you already know exactly what the character of the doodle is like. If you would like an adult black labradoodle, you can also contact a breeder for this.

If there are any black Labradoodles available for rehoming, this is the best place to get one. Such a breeder often knows the dog and knows exactly its history. This way you know that you are getting a good healthy dog ​​from a reliable breeder.