Adopt A Cat: 10 Things You Should Know

Adopt a cat: 10 things you should know

Adopt a cat: 10 things

Without a doubt, kittens are adorable! So much so that many people acquire one without being well informed beforehand about what it means to have a cat. But a cute kitten becomes a cat with needs that will be with you for the next 15 to 20 years. The arrival of a kitten or adult cat should be considered well. We tell you the 10 things you should know before adopting a cat.

Adopting a cat: a long-term decision 

A spontaneous outing, remaining in bed until early afternoon, or searching for another condo… from here on out you need to consider your catlike buddy when settling on little and major choicesBefore purchasing a cat you should keep in mind that this will change your life for a long period. Many consider that living with a feline is above all enriching, but some people are not aware of the responsibility that adopting a kitten entails. This, unfortunately, increases the danger that the mustachioed will soon need a new home.

Question of money

When you buy a kitten you should go to a responsible breederThe costs amount to several hundred euros and even the basic equipment can be a sum of three figures in euros. For example, you need a comfortable bed, feeders and drinkers, toys, a brush, a scraper and a sandbox _  In addition, there are regular costs for high-quality food and, if necessary, for the cat litter. You also have to take into account the expenses for veterinary check-ups and vaccinesSpeaking of veterinarians, we advise you to have some savings in case your cat gets sick, as it can mean a large outlay.

Rental housing and neighbors

If you live in a rental home, you will need the approval of your landlord before adopting a kitten. It is possible that if you do not respect that, he may object to you having a feline. If you decide to keep the kitty you may risk receiving a warning and then the termination of the rental agreement. That’s why it’s important, to be honest.

You should also consider that one is more complicated since not all landlords allow cats to be owned. If your mustachioed cat has access to the outside, it is possible that the relationship with your neighbors will change, because some of them are annoyed that other cats ease themselves in their nursery or in the sand where their kids play. Try to find a joint solution.

Felines with character

Dogs are said to be dependent and cats are independent. This is not entirely untrue, as no kitten will be as obedient as a well-behaved dog. But that’s why cat lovers love their felines. Cats do whatever they please: climb on the table, scratch the curtains or eat the plants. Of course, you can teach him some rules for coexistence, but you cannot ensure that your pussycat will always comply with them. It is possible that as soon as you walk out the door, your feline does everything that you do not want it to do. 

The Kitten education requires a lot of patience. If you don’t want your mustache to sleep in your bed, you must be consistent, one night on your mattress is throwing away weeks of education.

Adopt a cat: hygiene and hair

Cats shed hair. A lot of hair. It sticks to your clothes, the sofa, your bed… Get a good lint brush. Over time you will develop an intuition to which fabrics cat hairs are attracted to. Regular brushing and good quality cat food help your kitty shed less hair. What is clear is that your life will be hairier than ever. Many underestimate this before acquiring a cat.

To this is added that, despite being very clean animals, they pose a challenge to maintain immaculate cleanliness at home. For example, the sand can stick to the fur and is distributed within a radius of 20 meters around the sandbox, you can find traces of food from cats with hygiene problems on the walls or in other rooms or when the kittens vomit, something that it also happens to those who are healthy, they prefer to do it on a soft surface, like on your Persian rug. Last but not least, in case of health or stress situations, the feline may develop hygiene problems.

They are not solitary animals

If you want to have an indoor cat, you should have two kittens together. This has several advantages: you can leave them alone with no pangs of conscience knowing they have each other to play with. However, if you decide you only want one, check with your local shelter about which cats prefer to be alone. But in this case, you should plan on having plenty of time to spend with your mustache. The Outdoor cats are suitable as unique cats as they find enough entertainment and things to do, among them they may make friends with another outdoor feline.

Cats get to (almost) everywhere

Whether it’s the top of the bookshelf or the top of the cupboard, many felines are true artists when it comes to jumping and climbing. Some even have a talent for opening doors and going into cupboards looking for snacks when you are away. Be careful, some mustaches take a nap in the washing machine or jump into the car in the morning without you noticing.

Unlike most dogs, cats tend to roam around desks, kitchen counters, and windowsills. Bottom line: you should always keep your cat in mind so you don’t accidentally put him in danger. If you don’t want to restrict your feline companion’s outings, it’s better to secure the garden with a fence of at least two meters or the balcony with a cat net. You might require your landowner’s endorsement for this.

The cat is a hunting animal

Do you suddenly hear a whimper and squeal in the middle of the night in the bedroom? Your feline may have brought you an unwanted visitor! If your cat lives outside, you should know that from time to time he likes to take his prey home. He places it as a gift in the hallway or takes it to the bedroom so he can play with the still-living mouse. Child birds or aquarium fish can likewise wind up in the grip of the gifted tracker. It will most likely be placed on your doormat as a gift! If you want to adopt a cat you must accept this part of its nature.

Diseases and older cats

Hopefully, you have a healthy cat with you for the next 15-20 years. Yet, many felines, at some point or another, can turn out to be intensely or constantly sickMild infections or Diarrhea goes away after a few days but can be quite distressing. Chronic diseases like diabetes not only require you to address food and insulin but also good time management. Your cat might have to take pills every day. You should practice this (without using real drugs) from an early age. With age, some cats become frail or insane, so they need your support to climb places, or visits to the vet become more frequent.

Adopt a cat: the ideal companion

Yes, cats cost money, they are working and they can test your nerves. If this doesn’t scare you then you have stamina and are a big cat lover! With humor, persistence, and love for creatures, you will effectively dominate the difficulties of living with a cat. Also, as soon as your kitty curls up purring on your lap, your anger will have passed.