Advantages Of Raising The Cat Feeder

Advantages of raising the cat feeder

Elevated cat feeders are the favorites of cat keepers around the world year after year. Many people may believe that this type of product is succeeding only for aesthetic reasons, but the truth is that there are many advantages to increasing the height of the cat feeder.

If you still don’t know what the benefits of raising your food plate are, we invite you to continue reading this Best Pets Lover article. Here you will find essential tips to choose the best cat feeder and you will also be able to know the real benefits of an elevated cat feeder. Shall we start?

How to choose the best cat feeder?

As with everything in life, there is no single bowl that is ideal for all cats. After all, each cat has different characteristics, preferences, and needs, as well as a unique personality. Therefore, it is up to each person to know how to recognize these particularities of their kitten to provide the accessories, toys, and care that guarantee an excellent quality of life.

To choose the most suitable cat feeder for yours, take into account the following aspects :

  • Size and age of your cat. All accessories and utensils must be appropriate for the size, physical build, and age of each cat. If you have a large, stocky cat, such as a Maine Coon, the ideal feeder will need to be larger than the more common pet food jars, which are made primarily for small cats. And if your cat is still a puppy, it will be much easier and more comfortable for him to eat in a compact and shallow bowl. The size and depth of the bowl should be equivalent to the cat’s physique and the amount of food and water (in the case of the bowl) that he needs to consume daily.
  • Type of muzzle of your cat. Some cat breeds are characterized by having a flatter snout, such as Persian cats. For these cases, we recommend a shallow feeder with concave edges and a wide “mouth”. Keep in mind that narrower cat food bowls are often very uncomfortable for these breeds as they can put pressure on the head and make it easier for the cat to soil their entire face while eating.
  • Type of food. You should also consider what your cat eats to choose the most suitable feeder. Cat food is usually not large and fits inside the bowl. However, if you decide to offer your cat a BARF diet, based on the consumption of natural and biologically appropriate foods, this type of food may be bulkier and require a wider and deeper feeder than industrialized food.
  • Feeder material. We also recommend giving preference to cat litter made of reinforced materials that are easy to clean. This type of product offers a longer shelf life and simplifies the cleaning process. Plastic bowls are inexpensive and easy to clean, but they tend to absorb odors and can cause irritation or allergies to cats’ skin and mucous membranes. On the other hand, glass and ceramics are hypoallergenic and ideal to avoid the impregnation of unpleasant odors, however, they must be handled with great care. A very favorable alternative is to opt for stainless steel feeders since they are resistant, very easy to wash, and do not cause adverse reactions in animals.

Height of the cat feeder, what is the ideal?

When raising the cat feeder it is essential to ensure that the feeding bowl is at the same height as the kitten’s elbow. Otherwise, the cat will continue to exert inappropriate and unnecessary effort when eating, which negatively affects the spine and joints.

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So, regardless of whether you decide to buy an elevated cat feeder from a pet supply store or decide to make your feeder, we recommend that you measure your cat to ensure that the new feeder does not affect its well-being.

Advantages of raising the cat feeder

After these basic tips, we are ready to talk about the advantages of the elevated cat feeder. First of all, you should pay attention to the difference in posture between cats that eat in a normal feeding bowl and a suspended feeder.

Improves the cat’s posture when eating

Traditional feeders are placed directly on the ground, right? The cat is then forced to noticeably flex its spine and legs to feed in this way. Then, the cats end up eating practically sitting with their heads down or standing up, flexing their legs, and, again, with their necks completely bent towards the feeder.

In these positions, the animal’s digestive tract will be curved and the stomach will be exposed to considerable pressure, compressing it. This impairs the digestive process and increases the risk of indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, and the development of digestive problems, such as gas or vomiting. Also, when the cat’s head and mouth are lower than its stomach (neck tilted toward the bowl on the floor), the cat is more likely to reflux, choke, or even vomit shortly after eating.

The joints and the spine of the kitten also suffer from these positions. A cat that eats practically sitting down has a completely curved spine, especially in the lower back and at the junction of the neck and back. In addition, the joints undergo constant and unnecessary wear, as they remain flexed, support a good part of the animal’s weight, and can eventually twist outward.

By positioning the feeder at the proper height, as we said in the previous section, all of the aforementioned issues can be avoided. It can be positioned at the same level as the elbow of the cat thanks to the raised feeder. In this way, the cat does not need to bend down, lower the neck or twist the spine to eat the food. Your digestive tract stays in the proper position, in which your stomach, esophagus, and mouth are aligned.

Therefore, one of the great advantages of raising the cat feeder is to improve the animal’s posture during feeding, which prevents spinal problems and digestive disorders. This is also a very healthy alternative for your kitty’s joints, as it prevents them from being exposed to the daily wear and tear mentioned above.

While this benefits all cats, it is particularly important for older cats and those already diagnosed with arthritis, osteoarthritis, or other conditions that directly affect the joints and/or spine.

Prevents food from becoming contaminated

This may seem redundant, but another key benefit of increasing the height of your cat feeder is keeping the cat’s food off the ground. When the feeder is held directly on the ground, it is more likely to come into contact with dust, foreign bodies, leftover litter that the cat can spread around the house after using the litter box, and impurities that can pass through any home, etc.

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The supports prevent the cat’s food and drink from coming into direct contact with the dirt. Of course, they do not replace the need to maintain optimal hygiene at home to avoid contamination and bad odors. But, without a doubt, it helps a lot, especially when our animals are alone at home and we cannot control 24 hours a day whether or not there are foreign particles in their food and water bowls.

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