15 Black Horse Breeds

15 Black Horse Breeds

Black horse breeds are a widespread color among the different breeds of horses because it is one of the dominant versions. , or alleles. Everything is possible with equines. Black-colored horses are elegant because the color accentuates their lines and shape. It is even more remarkable in a sculpted horse in form. Of course, genetics has the last word.

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Our overview includes horse breeds where black is possible and those where it is the predominant color. You will find a wide range of animals with different body conformations. Researchers believe that the domestication of horses occurred around 3500 BC. C. . , This is a long period for a species to develop variants.


The Mustang has one of the most unusual histories among black horse breeds. After the first horses died out in North America, the Spanish brought equines back to the continent in the 15th century. The rest, as they say, is history. The breed continues to exist as a wild animal in the United States west of the Continental Divide. His past speaks of the romance of the American West.


The Percheron is a French draft horse that has a stocky, muscular body conformation suited to its work. While the breed started in France, it soon appeared in the United Kingdom and across the pond in the United States due to its usefulness. World wars in Europe interrupted importation outside of its homeland. They have seen a resurgence as wineries return to using draft horses to work their farms.


The Lusitano is a Portuguese breed with an impressive lineage and showing a record in the dressage ring. Brown is the most popular color, but black is appropriate given its role in the competition. They are medium-sized horses, reaching a height of up to 15 hands or more. Their body conformation is muscular but slim, which gives them an advantage.


The Thoroughbred epitomizes everything graceful and royal about the horse. Black is a natural choice for a color that brings elegant body shaping to the forefront. The main work of this breed is racing, in which they are successful. Its beginning circuit begins in England in the twelfth century. Through colonization in the 18th century, they arrived in the United States.


The Nonius has an unmistakable presence. It’s hard to ignore the stocky, muscular build of this Hungarian horse. Although they worked as draft horses, the Nonius also had a place in royal courts that recognized the grace of this breed. Unfortunately, the number of this horse has decreased in recent years, exacerbated by crossbreeding with other breeds.

Caballo Giara

Another native breed, the Giara horse hails from Sardinia, an island off the west coast of Italy. It is a smaller animal being only 13 hands tall at the withers. Selective breeding for size makes sense, given its use in agriculture. It gives the horse an advantage when walking through the rough terrain of this place. They have only recently crossed the line into the equestrian kingdom.


The Trakehner resembles the Thoroughbred due to its stately stance. They are a breed of warm-blooded horse from Russia. This equine is a sculpted animal with a slim body that is well suited to its role in the show ring. This horse served in the military’s cavalry unit. He is an agile runner and a top competitor in cross country, dressage, and show jumping events.


More related to the Arabian breeds, the Murgues is a tall and elegant horse, known for its resistance and versatility. He is a light draft horse, and even stallions tend to be unusually well-bred.

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Originally from Italy, the Murgues breed has been refined in modern times. They are often considered the best horses for cross-country riding, but in some areas of Italy, they are still used as farm workhorses.

Pony fell Fuente: 

Horsey Hooves reported that fell ponies have lived on the British moors since ancient times. Perhaps the horse that inspired the legends of the kelpies, carnivorous black horses of folklore, fell ponies have long, flowing manes and silken black coats.

In Viking times, fell ponies were pack horses. They were used for farming and travel, and are a durable working breed. They share a common ancestor with the extinct Galloway and are closely linked to the Dales pony.

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse serves as both a working horse and a competitive animal. They often have a stocky build, making them well-suited to herding. They are safe and can maneuver well when it comes to cattle. With the same traits, they are successful in the show ring as well. Unfortunately, they have also fueled concerns about inbreeding that have increased certain congenital diseases.


The Friesian is a breed originating from Friesland, in the Netherlands, known for its jet-black coat and high-stepping gait. They are also known as “Black Belgians”, they are horses of impressive height and power. 

According to Equine Now, Friesians are becoming more and more well-liked as riding horses and in the show ring due to the midnight hue of their coats. However, not all Friesians are black, and some breeders purposely engage in multi-colored coats.

The Friesian is the breed closest to the archetype of the Black Beauty; Breeders prefer horses of this breed to have no white markings unless it is an inspiring white star on the forehead.


You can’t help but notice the Arabian breed. They have a majestic appearance and people have selectively bred them to be the perfect human companion. They are capable of performing many tasks that make them invaluable. His endurance is legendary. It helps that the breed is trained and bonds easily with its owners.


The Italian breed known as the Murgese has a long history of service in the armed forces. They are strong horses with a reputation for dependability, docility, and outstanding endurance. They are beautiful equines that deserve the respect they receive. The breed has a loyal following of fans who uphold the standards of this popular horse.

Irish Draft Horse

The Irish draft horse has the honor of being the national horse of its native land. They are a large, cold-blooded breed that can reach heights of nearly 17 hands. This horse has a presence. There are four classes based on their body conformation and adherence to the breed standard. This horse has crossed the realm of agriculture into law enforcement mounts.


The Kladruber is one of the oldest European breeds you will find. This is best suited for pulling a cart rather than a plow. Gray and black are the only colors allowed for this horse. The profile of the Kadruber is recognizable by its angular lines. They have an affinity with royalty in their Czech homeland.

Final Thoughts

Black horse breeds include a large number of equines, all with different jobs with different histories. Genetics put this color at the head of the class with many of them. It has improved the conformation of many of them, giving them an almost indescribable beauty.