Cat Food For All Ages

Cat food for all ages

People with cats have to make many decisions related to the choice of food: which is better, which wet food or I think? Or maybe the best thing is that I feed my cat raw meatAnother frequent question is: how does the age of the kitten influence when choosing the right food? We advise you on how to find cat food for all ages!

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The right diet for kittens

When to start kitten food

During the first 3-4 weeks of life, kittens suck their mother’s milk, which provides them with everything they need. If you have found a litter of abandoned kittens, the alternative to breast milk is replacement milk. When the hatchlings are about a month old they can begin to test the kitten food Compared to regular cat food, this contains more energy, vitamins, and minerals that support growth. Since this food is also good for the mother cat for a few weeks, the kittens can try it from their parent’s feeder. Over the next few weeks, they receive more and more solid food and less milk. At three months they are already weaned.

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Variety during the imprint period

At that time, the idea is that the pups have already tried different varieties and are used to wet food and feed. This is because before the twelfth week the imprint of food is given. If the mustachioed does not get to know much during this time, it is possible that later on it will become demanding or refuse to eat unfamiliar foods. Even if you have already decided to feed it only wet food, it can be beneficial for the kitten to become familiar with the food. This way you are safe.

The feed is also used to train small tricks, search games, or intelligence toys. You can also choose a feed for kittens and combine it with wet food for adult cats. So you have options in terms of the variety of wet food and the extra energy, minerals, and vitamins of the kitten kibble.

During the next few months, the cat must eat at least four servings a day. Little mouse catchers prefer lots of small portions. So what is the right food for kittens? You can choose from many varieties! Of course, you must pay close attention to the quality of the food since they are little.

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How to feed a cat from 8 weeks to 12 months

From weaning to approximately 6-12 months of age, kittens should be fed adequately at their rapid rate of growth, especially in the first 20 weeks. Around six months these little ones are going to need about 120-150 kcal/kg, which will decrease to about 80-90 approximately when they are one year old, depending on their activity. Cats are carnivorous animals that at any stage of their lives will need animal proteins and fats, as well as taurine, an amino acid that is essential for their health.

All diet changes that will take place in the cat’s life must be done progressively. Once the kittens leave the milk, it is not necessary to offer it again. Some might feel bad about it since as they grow they lose the enzymes in charge of their digestion so their intake could cause gastrointestinal disorders.

How to feed an adult cat

Upon reaching adulthood, the cat’s diet is no longer focused on growing, but on maintaining its weight. To feed these cats we will look at their activity. The goal is to keep them in optimal body condition. Obese cats will have health problems and complications. They stand out for the fat that makes it impossible to feel their ribs. On the contrary, in cats that are too thin, we can see these ribs with the naked eye. Neither one nor the other condition is recommended. A healthy cat is one with an athletic appearance in which the ribs are not visible, but these are palpable without difficulty.

It is important to note that cats are not small dogs, so we should not feed them as such. Cats have high protein and taurine needs since it is essential for them and they are not capable of producing all that they need. At this stage, it is very important to distinguish between cats that have access to the outdoors and those with a more sedentary life inside the home. The latter will need fewer calories than those activities outside the home. It is important to take this into account to avoid overweight problems. In general, it is estimated that an adult cat’s diet should contain an approximate percentage of protein between 30-45% and 10-30% fat.

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The right food for cats older than one year

Although some breeds of cats, like the Norwegian forest, take a little longer to mature, from the year you can change their diet to adult cat food. If you buy the food in large quantities, you can make the change gradually: mix the new food with the usual one and increase the proportion of food for adult cats little by little.

The transition is easier if you choose a food for adult cats of the same brand as the food for kittens that your kitten is used to. However, this is not an obligation. The most important thing is the quality of cat food.

How to feed neutered cats

In both males and females, after sterilization, energy needs will decrease, so it is not recommended that they be fed in the same way as before the intervention. The energy that the cat ingests and does not consume will accumulate in the form of fat. Therefore, they need to have a diet that provides less energy.

Composition of natural cat food

The natural diet of cats consists of prey that is made up of 50-60% protein, 30% fat, and a maximum of 8% carbohydrates. Another 6-8% are minerals. Felines prefer food that corresponds to this scheme. Rightly so, since carnivores depend on animal protein. So how does this influence a proper diet? Here are some characteristics to recognize a high-quality food for cats of any age:

  • The list’s first ingredient is meat.
  • Animal by-products are broken down
  • It does not contain vegetable by-products and in case of having them they are broken down
  • Does not contain sugars or flavor enhancers or flavorings
  • your mustache likes

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Food for older cats

When to start senior cat food

When is a cat considered to be older? Data varies, and rightly so! Well, just like humans, some cats age faster than others.

Some kittens already show symptoms of old age and ailments at seven or eight years of age. These symptoms include weight gain due to less movement, dental problems that make it hard to chew, joint problems, or decreased hearing and vision. Meanwhile, other cats lose weight. However, many whiskers are still agile at over ten years of age.

In general, before attributing these symptoms to age, you should consult a veterinarian about the aforementioned changes. This will examine your kitten in-depth since the risk of suffering from chronic diseases increases with age. Dental problems should be treated by a professional, as they can cause a lot of pain. If your mustache has lost weight, it may be due to kidney disease or diabetes.

What is the role of the right food for older cats?

A good quality diet, a healthy weight, as well plenty of exercise and entertainment are essential for species-appropriate tenure.

As with adult cat food, quality is decisive, don’t save on this! Special food may be necessary for some diseases.

Warning: Choosing an appropriate dietary food can support your furry’s natural bodily functions. However, you should keep in mind that diet foods can neither cure nor prevent diseases. In addition, you should always consult your veterinarian about the most appropriate diet for your pet. At Best Pets Lover, you can find special diet food.

However, especially older cats tend to reject new varieties of food. What can help is heating the new wet food so that your cat can smell it even though his sense of smell is weakened.

In general, wet food is easier for older whiskers to digest while also providing them with liquid. In addition, the feed often has more than 50% carbohydrates, even grain-free varieties. This makes it harder to digest and can also hurt blood sugar in older cats.

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How to feed a pregnant and lactating cat

These cats have nutritional needs to train and feed their kittens that are higher than those of adult cats. Therefore, if we continue to offer him his usual food, we run the risk of him showing deficits.

To avoid this, the same diet as during the growth stage is recommended. It must also be taken into account that their needs will gradually increase during the course of pregnancy. The pregnant cat needs to accumulate reserves for the breeding season.

How to feed a sick cat

In this section, we also include obesity, since overweight and obesity constitute a risk factor for certain pathologies or aggravate existing ones. These cats must start a diet, always following the control of the veterinarian. Dieting a cat is not just removing food. Depending on the disease that our cat presents, we must adjust the diet to its new needs.

To achieve this we will find commercial foods formulated to treat different pathologies. If we want to offer homemade food, we must prepare a menu with the vet and be clear that this menu does not mean feeding the cat leftovers. Hairballs, kidney or liver disease, allergies, heart disease, etc. These are disorders whose treatment, together with drugs, involves maintaining a certain diet.

Energy adapted to the nutrition of senior cats

Senior cat food contains adapted amounts of energy (compare it with the usual cat food and decide which is the most suitable for the kitten). Some varieties for older cats contain more fat and energy, while others are similar to light food for cats These are not suitable for mustachioed men who lose weight with age.

Even when your cat does not show signs of aging, from the age of 10 you can take age into account when choosing food.

Weigh your whisker once a month to keep weight changes in check. Outdoor cats often gain weight during the winter. If your cat gets fat, you just have to reduce the rations, and the snacks and encourage him to play.

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Is there a diet for cats of all ages? 

If the quality is correct, you do not have to decide on a certain type of food. You can also give him wet food and I think. Of course, it is better than the mustachioed to eat wet food and feed in separate doses, since the digestion of each one has a different duration.

Switching between different varieties, for example from lamb and chicken to beef and duck, of the same brand is usually not a problem. However, if you also change brands, it must meet the same quality standards. Otherwise, it can make the mustachioed sick and cause diarrhea or vomiting. The advantage of cats being used to more varieties is that they are much more flexible. For example, when a manufacturer modifies a recipe you will have other alternatives.

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However, a cat does not need to have a varied menu. It is best to choose three different types of meals of similar quality. Kitten food and senior cat food cover nutritional needs in special phases of feline life and are therefore recommended. You can combine them with adult cat food, which makes transition periods easier.

How to feed an elderly cat

Approximately after 7-8 years of life, we ​​can talk about elderly or geriatric cats. If they suffer from any pathology, the diet will be recommended for the treatment of that disease. In general, older cats are more easily dehydrated, so we have to take care that they consume enough water or moist food.

A palatable, high-energy diet is needed to encourage them to eat and provide them with enough energy, as they tend to lose weight. They can also manifest oral problems, so the food will have to be softer.

Cat food for all ages at a glance

When to start with food

  •   kitten food 1month
  •   Food for adult cats 1 year
  •   Food for older cats 7-8 years

Remember that these figures are indicative. The aging process is different for every cat. Consult your vet if you have any questions.

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