Cat Food: What Is The Best Of 2023?

Cat food What is the best of 2023

An excellent diet is important to keep your minimum healthy. If that food is delicious, your pet will be more grateful and happy. Having a pet at home means a lot of responsibility every day. You will have to decide on aspects such as hygiene, entertainment, and food. It is in this last aspect that we must pay more attention to keeping our cats in an optimal state of health.

This guide will show you different cat food products of different textures, quality, nutrients, and flavors that the cat food market has. In addition, we will support you by describing some eating habits of these cats. In this way, you will understand and love your pet more.

The most important

  • What your cat eats will directly influence its health, weight, beauty, and of course its happiness. Eating is a basic need for any living being and therefore it is very important to choose quality food for your pet.
  • Under no circumstances should cats be fed exclusively human food as they may lack essential nutrients. Their metabolism is not the same as that of a human.
  • Cats are animals that like routine. So when you choose a certain food, you probably need to keep it if they like it, as it would be difficult for them to adapt to a new one. Therefore, make sure that your choice is one of quality from the beginning so as not to get used to a bad brand.

Purina – Deli Mix Cat Chow cat food

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Purina Cat Chow food for adults Delimix version contains three different sources of protein since it is made with chicken, beef, and salmon that will help your cat preserve its muscle mass. It also has vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. It contains minerals such as Selenium and Zinc that help maintain your cat’s vision.

In addition, Cat Chow provides antioxidants and if that were not enough, it improves your immune system and produces healthy skin and fur. Also contains yellow corn, corn gluten, soy flour, rice, and wheat. It is a medium-high range food with which your cat will be satisfied because it is delicious and will also generate an optimal state of health.

Happy – Megamix Croquettes for cats

purina felix cat food -

Felix food is an excellent brand that has achieved prestige over time. This version is made with corn, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, beef meat, bone meal, wheat, chicken offal meal, tuna meal, salmon, turkey, and shrimp. It has a new and fresh formula that your cat will like never before.

Felix food is 100% complete and balanced with quality proteins, therefore, your pet will not need nutrients. Contains a combination of 7 proteins. The product is among the best sellers in the United States. The size of the product is 1.5 Kg. It has vitamins A, D3, E, and K3 as well as minerals (iron, etc.).

Fancy feast – Canned cat food

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Fancy feast food is one of those that are presumed to be of high quality. The current version is Petits Filets, which are chicken fillets. It is a fully balanced wet food for adult cats. The food is in small pieces with a rich sauce. The product comes in twenty-four cans of 85 g each to be dosed every day.

It has a rich grilled chicken flavor that your cat will love forever. It is 100% balanced with the requirements that a kitten needs. It has essential vitamins and minerals to take care of your health. Can last a long time in a cool dry place unopened. After opening the can, it is necessary to keep it in the refrigerator.

Nupec – Croquettes for adult cats

Super is a food that is cataloged as being of the highest quality. If you buy this product, rest assured that you are bringing quality to your pet’s diet. In the bag, its content is specified in detail in addition to the calories and feeding tips. Its flavor will be your cat’s favorite, they won’t want to change it.

It has prebiotics that generates a healthy microflora in your cat. This is an extra factor to consider that the brand provides us. In addition, it has B complex vitamins and rosemary that regulate its nervous system and support your pet’s stress control during these chaotic times. Among its ingredients is folic acid.

Royal Canin – “At home” croquettes for adult cats

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Royal Canin is one of the most prestigious brands with par excellence when it comes to quality food for your pets. It doesn’t take a lot of food to keep your cat healthy and happy. The back of the product indicates the amount needed according to weight and size. It does not contain any coloring or artificial flavoring.

Royal Canin cat food is made with the highest quality proteins, especially chicken, these are for the healthy development of muscles, bones, and teeth. When your cat eats this food, it will give firm and small stools because it will have absorbed most of the nutrients correctly compared to other brands.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about cat food

Before opting for one brand or another, for one product or another, you should learn more about cat food and the eating habits of these animals. Remember that these pets are very routine, so if they like their kibble, they will hardly want to change to another. Therefore, from the beginning, try quality foods.

What are the differences between kibble and wet (canned) cat food?

It is important to note that both types of food do not compete with each other. A large number of veterinarians recommend the combination of canned or wet food with dry food so that the advantages of both are used. The wet ones can be used as a reward as they are usually more delicious for cats, although they are not light.

Something important is that the croquettes have between 5-10% water, so by themselves, it offers little hydration to your pet. On the contrary, wet food cans usually have between 60-80% water.

Cats prefer to stay hydrated through their diet rather than by drinking water.

Why should I feed my pet cat food and not human food?

The nutritional needs of cats are not similar to those of a human. Their metabolism is different from ours. Therefore, if your cat eats what you eat, he may be taking in fewer or more nutrients and calories than necessary. Cat food is specially designed to meet their needs and should always have some source of animal protein or fat.

On the other hand, some foods that humans eat are dangerous for cats, such as garlic, avocado, onion, grapes, or chocolate, among others. If you do decide to feed him any human food, make sure it’s feline-safe.

Is cat food the same as dog food?

If you have a dog and a cat at home, sometimes you will have to see them eat each other’s food. Sometimes this behavior is to mark territory or because they ran out of theirs. However, it is better to prevent your cat from eating your dog’s food, since they are created for different organisms. Their main differences are:

  • Vitamin A: while this is an essential element in cat food, many dog ​​foods do not include it.
  • Taurine: several dog foods do not contain taurine, while for your cat it is important since if they eat a diet low in this substance they could develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a typical heart disease.
  • Meat: surprisingly, the feline needs more protein than the dog, whose food also needs to contain a large part of cereals or balanced carbohydrates in a particular way.
  • Carbohydrates and cereals: They are not very necessary for the body of felines, but they are for dogs, if cats consume them, they can easily gain weight.

What food should the cat never eat?

Cereals such as bread and other carbohydrates can affect the cat’s digestion and cause discomfort. Fiber can be given in small amounts if you have intestinal transit problems, but not too much. I don’t just wish you a vegetarian diet as cats are carnivores.

Care must be taken with additives that could make our cat dependent on some food. Do not feed them milk, chocolate, onion, and garlic for any reason, even if they seem to enjoy them.

Is it advised that I switch the cat food I give my pet?

Cats are animals of habits and routines. Therefore, in certain situations, they may be less open to changes in their diet. They are not happy and in some situations, they might prefer not to eat. If you need to change food, it will require a slow process where you even combine both foods little by little.

While you are trying brands that he may like, it is recommended that you feed him only quality food from the start. Because if you revert your favorites to poor foods, it will be difficult to change them.

When choosing the right kind of food for your cat, it is crucial that you take into account the age of your pet.”

What cat food is recommended for a pregnant pussycat?

A pregnant cat, like any other species in that condition, will need more energy than normal, since she eats for herself and her unborn babies. The professional recommendation is that she takes a minimum of 25% protein, while when babies are breastfeeding, it is 30%. It will be noted that she will naturally have a larger appetite.

In addition, it is important to point out that cats find it more difficult to produce milk during lactation and therefore need to increase their body fat during pregnancy. Vitamins and supplements are not usually essential for a pregnant cat unless she has a weight considered very low.

What proportion of protein should cat food typically have?

The age of your cat will determine this. If it is less than one year old, protein of animal origin could be 30% of the total nutrients, as in pregnant or lactating women. From year to seven, it can be maintained at around 26%.

For no other reason should a higher percentage be given, especially in neutered cats or inactive pets, since they could gain weight or develop other pathologies. It should be noted that it has to be a protein of animal origin or else it will have deficiencies.

Why does my cat not want his food and how do I fix it?

This could have various reasons. It could be because they simply don’t like the taste, or that it is placed in a place in the house where there are many odors that your cat dislikes, even being sick. Next, we will review different causes and their possible solutions:

  • He doesn’t like the taste. The first cause to rule out is that they just don’t like that flavor. Checking it is simple, it will be enough to try different brands and flavors until you find out if another one appeals to you. You can find envelopes with small quantities for this.
  • It’s really hot. It is documented that during the summertime and in hot climates, cats tend to eat less. Not to worry as they spend more time resting and expending less energy. Make sure they always have water and a cool place to stay.
  • Food location. Cats are indeed extremely clean and cautious animals. If their food is in a place where strong or unpleasant odors exist, they may not like it.
  • Depression. If the cat had a traumatic experience or a sudden change in his week, he could find himself depressed. A new household member, move, or new pet could also lead to this. When it happens, the cat does not want to eat and sleeps a lot. If this is the case, spending more time with your pet and giving him love are usually good strategies to reassure him. Just remember to also respect his space.
  • Illness. If your cat vomits or has diarrhea, take him to the vet immediately. He could have a simple intoxication or something more serious.
  • Hairballs in the intestine. Cats are known to clean themselves by licking their tongues, which leads them to swallow a lot of hair. Sometimes they don’t eat because they feel full. One solution to this is to keep him brushed so he doesn’t eat so much hair, if that doesn’t work, take him to the vet.

What cat food contains malt to help my pet expel hairballs?

A cat’s tongue has a texture that makes it possible to drag all of its furs. The drawback is that those hairs can be swallowed and remain in your intestine. You need to keep your cat brushed so they swallow as little fur as possible as well as include a bit of malt in their diet. You can also give it a malt.

It will be difficult for your cat not to want to eat the malt since it is usually flavored or disguised in some food. Malt is a paste of animal origin, therefore it is safe and goes well with your nutrition. This product will help remove the hair through the stool as it works as a laxative.

Anonymous“It is tough to win a cat’s love; he will only be your friend if he considers you deserving of it, but never the other way around your slave.

Should I supplement cat food with treats or treats?

We all love nice flavors and a treat always makes kitties happy. But there is some concern with these products. In general, these treats do not have to represent more than 10% of their diet. You always have to check the ingredients to prevent him from eating high amounts of sugar.

These treats are useful for training and modifying your cat’s behavior by rewarding him when he behaves as you expect. Just don’t give it to him when he didn’t deliver what you expected. It will also strengthen the bond with your kitty.

How frequently should I feed my cat each day?

A cat is usually fed two or three times a day according to the recommendations of the veterinarians and the food he eats. Although this will indeed depend on their habits and personality. The digestive system of cats is designed to carry out small digestions during the day. What is vital is that you do not exceed the necessary calories.

Much will depend on their emotional state habits and how they act before food. Many can have all the food on the plate from the morning to eat little by little throughout the day. Others will eat everything in a moment. The important thing is that you do not exceed or limit your daily requirements

How many calories should my cat eat a day with its food?

There are many factors to consider when determining exactly how many calories to give your cat, including weight, age, spay status, activity level, gender, and whether she is pregnant. We need to know the calories per portion and especially the weight of our cat. Hence, food labels generally state the amount needed by weight.

In general, it is suggested that cats should be given around 60 calories per kilogram of weight per day. The croquettes have around 300 Kcal per cup.

A small can of wet food has about 250 calories in it. Your cats will stay healthy and trim if you ration their diet.

What happens if my cat’s food does not contain taurine?

For cats, it is vital to ingest taurine since, without it, their vital functions would be seriously affected. It could lead to blindness and dilated cardiomyopathy in your heart.

Taurine is only found in animal tissues, therefore, we must respect that felines have a carnivorous diet. Taurine is an amino acid-like arginine, another important ingredient that should not be missing from your kitty’s diet.

Purchase criteria

At the time of getting food for our cat, various qualities of this have to be considered since food is the basis for the health of your pet. We have included some factors that are considered the most important to check in the food we want to choose. This way you can be sure of making the most appropriate decision:

  • Texture
  • Ingredients
  • flavors
  • Colors
  • Quality


The two most common types of texture in cat food are dry food (kibble) and wet food. Experts advise alternating between the two and not using the wet one as a reward. The positive of the wet is that it provides a lot of water, hydrating your pet more.

Another aspect in favor of wet food is that it is very useful for older animals that already have less strength when chewing. The positive thing about croquettes is that they usually have more versions intended for sterilized animals and that they are usually cheaper.

“Dana Hill

American actress

 I had always heard that it was challenging to raise cats, but it’s not. Mine educated me in three days.”


In the following table, you can see the main nutrients present in cat food. This way you will understand more easily than part of the label review what you should look for. Many times there is misleading advertising and in this table, we do our best to inform you.

nutrientsWhat wears it or what are they?Amount your cat needsProperties that contribute to your cat
ProteinMeat, fish.It depends a lot on the breed, but the appropriate percentage is between 26% and 40%.Proteins are essential in your cat’s diet since it is a carnivorous animal, not vegan. They are essential for the maintenance of optimal muscle mass.
fatsAnimalsIt should be between 15 and 20% of the total food.They serve as insulation and protection for your internal organs. Fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the best. They give good flavor to food. Provides vitamins A, D, E, and B.
mineralsThey are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and ash.The percentage of calcium must be more than 1%, slightly less than phosphorus and magnesium must always be less than 0.3% magnesium and better if it falls below 0.1%. Ash should be below 10%.Necessary to maintain the bone health of your cat.
Amino acidsThey are in animal protein. They are taurine and arginine, as the most important.It is an essential amino acid for the functioning of the vision and the heart, which is only found in animal protein.


The flavor that we can usually find is salmon or some meat such as chicken or turkey as well as vegetables. Sometimes flavorings are also added to the croquettes to make them more attractive. As long as the food has the necessary ingredients, the flavor will be your cat’s choice.

It is relevant to know that cats are 400 times more sensitive to bitter tastes than dogs and that they lack papillae to detect sweet tastes.


Due to its design, cat food is not very colorful, it is usually red or green due to some artificial coloring. Sometimes, it is common to find many dyes in low-quality croquettes.

As in many products. Many seek to attract our attention through advertisements and packages. But these are not necessary, since the important thing is the nutritional content of the food, that it be of quality for your cat and thus remain healthy.


The vast majority of experts separate the quality of cat food into three types. This is given mainly by the ingredients that compose it and it must contain the necessary amount of the nutrient to fulfill its function. The quality is divided like this:

  • Low quality: Made with animal by-products not suitable for human consumption, parts such as cartilage, beaks, hooves, viscera, or feathers. They usually have too many additives, with good flavor, but are not nutritious.
  • Medium quality: Commonly made from meat with animal by-products, the protein is usually not of high quality. They typically alternate between meat and animal byproducts.
  • High quality: Contains adequate protein, coming from meat and not from by-products. It is low in carbohydrates and does not usually contain artificial flavors.


When you need to choose cat food, you must check the quality of its ingredients. Having a pet represents monthly expenses. The crucial thing is that we understand that food is a crucial role in ensuring their health and pleasure.

Check the cat food label carefully. Especially the ingredients it contains such as dyes and flavors. If your cat does not like croquettes, you can change the brand, to wet food or check that he is not sick with the veterinarian.

If you liked the article, remember to leave us a comment and we will reply as soon as possible. Also share it with your loved ones so they are informed about quality cat food.