Characteristics Of The French Bulldog

characteristics of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog dog of our days is the product of different crosses made by fans of Paris in the 1880s, the year in which the first club of this breed was founded in the French capital. For this reason, it is often also known by the name of Frenchie.

Although the French Bulldog is small in size, it is vigorous and muscular, compact in all its proportions, with a turned-up nose and characteristic pointed ears that have earned it the nickname “bat ears”. The female French Bulldog is very similar to the male, but a little less developed. This dog is considered a small breed in itself, so international clubs do not recognize mini, toy, or toy French Bulldogs, although it is common to use this adjective for varieties smaller than the standard.

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As for the shades of the fur of this dog, it should be noted that the colors of the standard French Bulldog are white, cream, cinnamon or light brown, black, black and white, and brindle (a mixture of black and brown with a variegated) and white and reddish; Among the special colors, we find blue (a mixture of blue and gray), gray, and black and brown (with large spots of both colors that are combined in different parts of the body), mainly.


The French Bulldog is a lively, sharp canine. Thanks to this, it is easily trainable as long as it is taken as a game (yes, of short duration, because it does not resist very long exercises). It is also an excellent guard dog, although it is not an excessive barker, but only does so when it detects strangers. He is a sociable dog, he loves contact with people and does not tolerate being alone for too long. In general, he gets along well with children and, although he is a small dog, he is large enough not to be injured when playing with them.

The French Bulldog and its health problems

This breed is very prone to heat stroke, so the French Bulldog cannot be left outside in hot weather. To take him out for a walk, it is best to go out during the hours when it is not too hot and as many times as he needs.

Another classic condition of this type of dog is snoring: they snore a lot and tend to have respiratory problems that can sometimes be serious. This occurs when certain breeders seek to obtain specimens with more outstanding physical characteristics; hence the importance of acquiring these dogs from responsible breeders.

Breathing problems cause some Bulldogs to also have hypersalivation and drool a lot. In extreme cases, they suffer from the so-called brachycephalic dog syndrome, which can lead to airway obstruction and require corrective surgery and/or oxygen.

In addition to respiratory problems and a tendency to heat stroke, this breed of dog tends to suffer from dermatological problems such as allergies and scabies.

French Bulldog Care

Its short, soft-touch coat requires almost no maintenance, just weekly brushings, and occasional baths. If they bathe, care must be taken that they dry very well, especially the folds on their faces, or we could cause dermatitis in them due to excess moisture. The ears, being so large and exposed, must be cleaned often with a suitable product. It is better to get your French Bulldog used to all these manipulations when he is still a puppy, calmly and patiently.

With this article, we hope to have helped you discover the world of Frenchies and learn about their essential characteristics, as well as the care and attention they need to help avoid health problems. So, if you already have this wrinkled-faced, good-natured-looking furry at home or are planning to buy one soon, you already know how to take care of him and make sure he’s okay.

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French Bulldog Hygiene

The hygiene and cleanliness of the French bulldog, like that of any other dog, is as important as that of humans, on the one hand for health and on the other of course so that it is always handsome and neat. It is not complicated but it does require doing it with a certain frequency and order, but not in excess either.

You will feel more comfortable and comfortable after cleaning. By taking him out for a walk, playing with other dogs, and sniffing everything, he gets dirty. Some are calmer and don’t get nervous at bath time, but others hate it, you have to try to relax and entertain them to prevent it from being a traumatic experience.

Hair brushing

Despite having short hair, it is advised to brush these dogs at least once per week to remove any dead hair and surface grime, otherwise, they tend to scratch. There are gloves for this and brushes for dogs with spaced teeth, choose what you like best or is more comfortable. You should brush it from head to tail.

Bath time

Bath time can be a lot of fun if your French bulldog likes water, but this depends on the individual dog. You have to fill the bathtub with a little warm water and put it inside carefully and gently. If he gets nervous you have to learn to calm him down and make him see bath time, not as a trauma. It is advisable to put on a mat to prevent the dog from slipping.

You wet it with lukewarm water preferably because it is how dirt comes out best when rubbing with a dog shampoo, except in summer when you should put it cooler. You pour the soap on it and rub it all over the body, including the face. There are many types and brands of soap, but for bulldogs, it is advisable to take a specific shampoo since there are many who have allergies.

If you don’t thoroughly rinse it after you’ve scrubbed it all over your body, it won’t stop scratching. You remove the excess water and put it on a towel. This has to be quick because as you know it will start to shake and soak everything!

It is not necessary to wash him very often, and in fact, it is recommended to do it only when necessary, since you should not alter the ph of his skin. You must bathe him depending on the need of your French bulldog, every 3 months would be fine. If you can, for example, clean their faces well once a week, with a soaked towel or cloth.

Drying after bathing

It is very important to dry the ears very carefully and the face, as well as the body. If it is spring/summer you can dry them superficially and leave them in the sun for a while to dry, but if it is winter/autumn you should dry them well, to avoid colds, first with a towel and then with a little hair dryer, but without directing the very hot air and close so it doesn’t bother them.

Ear hygiene

Perhaps this is one of the most important parts, since having such large and open ears, a lot of dirt gets into them, and if these are not pending, They frequently experience otitis and other ear issues. You should check his ears at least every two weeks, and if necessary clean them. Also when they scratch they get even more dirt.

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There are ear hygiene products for dogs but you can do it very carefully with a cotton swab and some gauze. We must always soak the swabs with a little water and clean the outer area, being careful not to get too much inside the ear itself, and then with a well-soaked gauze.

Cut the nails

You will also need to trim the nails as needed by your French bulldog. Some wear them out more and it is not necessary to cut them very often, but you also have to check them every 2/3 weeks and cut the ones that we see are very long. You have to do it with special scissors for dogs, which you will find in any pet store.

Oral hygiene

It seems incredible that we talk about the teeth of dogs, but their dental hygiene is vital if you want your French bulldog to keep its teeth on one side and the other so that it does not stink you with its breath. There are specific dental hygiene products for dogs that eliminate tartar and all the bacteria that your French bulldog accumulates in his mouth daily. You will have to get used to it little by little because it is something that you will not like very much at first.

Do not forget that the hygiene of your French bulldog is very important for its health and its quality of life. If you don’t have time, there are many canine beauty centers where they can be bathed for a small price and do all this so that they are always very clean.

The right products

Since it is a dog that is very prone to developing allergies, you must use specific products to bathe it and for its daily hygiene.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the components with which they are made. It is preferable to use a shampoo and conditioner for sensitive skin that hydrate, soften and protect against external aggressions.


Don’t forget to apply a special ear lotion or give him snacks to clean his mouth, and prevent tartar and bacterial plaque.

Finally, you can avoid their allergies with a proper diet. There are hypoallergenic feeds for dogs that will be perfect for your bulldog.

We hope we have answered your questions about how to take care of your bulldog’s hygiene and how often you should bathe him. You know, if you do it correctly, with the right products, and maintain his daily grooming, his skin will be healthy and clean, and your dog will be happy. 


Far from being complicated, French bulldog care only requires paying special attention to a couple of aspects of its physique. On the one hand, at your gate. The Frenchie is a dog characterized by having short legs and a robust body. Two aspects give us a clue about one of his main ailments: being overweight.

A factor that not only affects your aesthetic appearance but also directly affects your health. For this reason, we must always feed him with a specific feed for French bulldogs. A diet always lows in calories will allow the dog to be nourished without having extra calories.

Far from being secondary, ensuring proper nutrition is crucial in the care of the French bulldog. So much so that, from its puppy stage to its adult stage, it must eat a specific feed for its breed. The reason: is their limited capacity for physical exercise.

Grooming, essential for the well-being of the French bulldog

If grooming is important in any dog, when it comes to caring for the French bulldog it is vital. The unique shape of their body forces them to attend to some special needs that this type of dog has.

To serve you correctly, we will have to pay attention to these cleaning tasks:

  • Ears: one of the parts of the body that most needs our help. The French bulldog has its ears facing outwards, which is why they tend to stain easily. For this reason and to avoid ailments or infections, it is important to clean them thoroughly once a month with a dog ear cleaner.
  • Skin: brushing is simple and it is not one of the French bulldog cares that requires the most work. However, the same does not happen with the bathroom. Or, rather, with drying. Given the folds of your body and to avoid dermatitis, it is important to dry under each of them. This will prevent moisture from damaging your skin. A task that, without a bathroom in between, we can also carry out using a cotton pad or a hygienic wipe for dogs. In this way, we will eliminate any accumulated dirt that may be lodged in them.
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  • Mouth: one of the cares of the French bulldog to which we will have to accustom our dog to puppyhood. It is important to clean your teeth at least once a week, to avoid the formation of tartar. A way to avoid oral complications that can affect your health. To do this, the ideal is to use toothpaste for dogs.
  • Eyes: Another of this dog’s Achilles’ heels, because of the size and shape of its eyeballs. The idea is to use physiological serum and gauze to remove any legaña that may have.