Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food Reviews

Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food Reviews

With so many buzzwords circulating in e-commerce reviews, it’s getting harder and harder to identify which brands sell high-quality food versus which brands sell complete rubbish but know how to sell it. All owners want is a stress-free shopping experience so they can feed their pup premium, feel-good food.

Fortunately, your search for the right meal ends here and now by purchasing one of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s many options. From Chicken Soup senior dog food to Chicken Soup puppy dog ​​food, the company has consulted top nutritionists to offer dog lovers its delicious selection of food, each catering to the needs of dogs at all stages of their life.

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Our dogs fill our souls with love, so it’s only fair that we offer them rations that fill their stomachs with the nutrition they need.

Dog food Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dry Dog Food Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul has rightly chosen to include real chicken as its main ingredient, and the delicious flavors it gives off are complemented by the second ingredient in this meal, turkey.

Although many potential buyers may shy away from including brown rice, it’s important to note that brown rice is whole grain, which means it’s a valued source of insoluble fiber for your dog. For dogs suffering from diabetes in particular, brown rice will maintain a steady and healthy blood sugar level.

Chicken Soup for the Soul refuses to include artificial flavors, preservatives, and other harmful substances in its holistic formula. Instead, their adult dry dog ​​food is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that support healthy skin and coats in dogs. Also, the addition of antioxidant vitamin E goes a little further in protecting your pup’s cells from oxidative damage.

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main features

  • This formula contains no by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives.
  • The prebiotic fiber from the dried chicory root strengthens the immune system of dogs.
  • Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids keep dogs’ skin and coats glowing with health.


  • Marca: Chicken Soup for the Soul of a Pet Lover
  • Model: 101004
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds

Dog food Chicken Soup for the Soul

In most Chicken Soup for the Soul reviews, delighted buyers rave about the amazing price this holistic food sells for. And we’re pleased to announce that the company’s new pâté recipe, featuring high-caliber chicken, turkey, and chicken broth as main ingredients, is just as cheap, earning it the title of our highest-rated feed. This new recipe is free of sensitive ingredients, such as wheat, and contains ingredients appropriate for dogs of all life stages.

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For a senior dog, in particular, this pâté style of dog food will help combat sore teeth and food allergies that he may have developed over time. Likewise, the joints and muscles of an older dog will benefit from the 8% protein present in this food.

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main features

  • Real ingredients, all American-made.
  • Wet food formula suitable for the sensitive teeth of adult and senior dogs.
  • The canned food is wheat free to accommodate allergic dogs.


  • Marca: Chicken Soup for the Soul of a Pet Lover
  • Model: 201002
  • Weight: 11.33 pounds

Dog food for weight management Chicken Soup for the Soul

Made with high-quality ingredients, Chicken Soup for the Soul Weight Care dry food is specifically for slightly larger adult dogs. This high-quality Chicken Soup dog food contains no by-products or other unhealthy ingredients that can contribute to weight gain. A particular ingredient in this high-quality formula is dried chicory root, which supports healthy digestion.

While your dog’s body stays in shape and his immune system is cleaned up, another less fortunate pup will also benefit. For every product Chicken Soup sells, it donates four meals to dog shelters so they can eat well, too. It is wonderful to see how your dog is strengthened knowing that another puppy feels the same way thanks to your purchase.

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main features

  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are present.
  • Dog owners with allergies will feel comfortable knowing this food is wheat, corn, and soy free.
  • The company donates four meals to shelters for every product it sells.


  • Marca: Chicken Soup for the Soul of a Pet Lover
  • Model: 101026
  • Weight: 28 pounds

Classic Dog Food Chicken Soup for The Pet Lover’s Soul

Unfortunately for dogs with allergies, chicken is included in Chicken Soup’s meat pate recipe. This is not surprising, given that the company has the word chicken in its brand name. Instead, the beef and beef broth that act as primary and secondary ingredients are packed with essential fatty acids and minerals to keep your dog thriving.

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Although you may be concerned about the ground barley in this chicken meat pate recipe, this ingredient outperforms the less nutritious pearl barley. Dogs of all shapes, ages, and stages will love it; even puppies, who should be fed up to twice the amount of adult dogs to facilitate their growth. Luckily, Chicken Soup for the Soul has plenty of supplies for now, though they’re running out fast.

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main features

  • Caloric content: 1,292 kcal/kg (483 kcal/cup).
  • Minimum crude protein: 9.0%
  • Minimum crude fat: 6.0%
  • Maximum crude fiber: 1.5%
  • Maximum humidity: 78.0%
  • Chicken, beef broth, and beef are the first three ingredients.


  • Marca: Chicken Soup for the Soul of a Pet Lover 
  • Model: 201007
  • Weight: 11 pounds

Dry Dog Food by Chicken Soup for the Soul

As the last product to review, we thought we’d go out with a bang talking about Chicken Soup puppy food. This food contains the same main ingredients as the first adult dog food reviewed above, but it is geared toward puppies. So what is the difference in terms of ingredients? After taking a look at the guaranteed analysis, we have deduced that Chicken Soup puppy food contains a commendable 5% more crude fat than puppies need to grow.

Compared to nasty fillers like cornmeal, Chicken Soup dog food is brimming with superfoods and quality veggies like blueberries, cranberries, spinach, and carrots. And while Chicken Soup for the Soul criticizes that their dog food isn’t grain-free—as is the current trend in dog food—it’s important that dogs who can’t tolerate rich foods follow a holistic diet. . We simply could not recommend this food more highly for growing dogs.

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main features

  • Calorie content: NA
  • Minimum crude protein: 30.0%
  • Minimum crude fat: 18.0%
  • Maximum crude fiber: 5.0%
  • Maximum humidity: 10.0%
  • First three ingredients: Chicken, turkey, and chicken meal.


  • Marca: Chicken Soup for the Soul of a Pet Lover
  • Model: 101022
  • Weight: 28 pounds

A buying guide for dog food from Chicken Soup for the Soul

Are you in love with the variety of recipes we’ve showcased above but can’t say you know much about the integrity of the company itself? Our buying guide transparently lays out information about Chicken Soup for the Soul and why it’s the best food brand choice. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve also done an ingredient analysis and pros and cons list to help you decide.

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Company information

Based in the century-old Greenwich neighborhood of Cos Cob, Connecticut, Chicken Soup for the Soup didn’t earn a reputation for premium dog food. The company initially gained significant traction thanks to the publication of a moving collection of true stories titled “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

Inspirational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen included stories told by audience members that had resonated with them long after the events. Fortunately, these stories also moved worldwide audiences to such an extent that “Chicken Soup for the Soul” quickly became a bestseller.

Due to rapid expansion, Canfield and Hansen decided to help others in more than just storytelling. That’s when they brought together pet nutrition experts to create a premium dog food brand under their “Chicken Soup for the Soul” label. And since September 2016, the well-known brand has donated a commendable three million meals to pets in need.

Why choose this brand?

The company is dedicated to providing all pets with premium nutrition: Chicken Soup for the Soul isn’t just interested in trading its premium pet food for profit. Quite the opposite: By generating profits from pet owners who can afford it, the company partners with communities and retail partners to distribute their food to pets in need.

In no case does the quality of its products drop: Chicken Soup for the Soul does not change anything about its food when it donates it to pets in need. Its impressive 2018 corporate giving report details that 302,675 pounds of food, equaling 1,210,700 meals, were donated to rescues and shelters. Without a doubt, this is a company that cares about pets that have not been so lucky when it comes to finding them forever home.


ingredient analysis

Do you like what you’ve heard so far about Chicken Soup for the Soup dog food, but are you still worried about the ingredients? Learn to understand which ingredients are good and which are fillers by checking out our ingredient analysis below.

  1. Blueberries: As a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, blueberries are a safe treat even for diabetic dogs due to the low amount of calories they contain. In terms of palatability, dogs just can’t get enough of its sweet, succulent taste.
  2. Cranberries: Being the best natural source of prevention of urinary tract infections, cranberries are a wonderful fruit to include in your dog’s food. In addition, they are high in dietary fiber, minerals, and antioxidants; whatever diet buzzword you’re thinking of, it’s sure to be out there!
  3. Dried Chicory Root: The health benefits of chicory root have been known for centuries, dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. This probiotic maintains healthy bacteria in the gut, thereby reducing the risk of potentially fatal diseases in the dog’s digestive tract. This is largely thanks to the high amount of inulin that works as a source of soluble fiber.
  4. Dried Seaweed: Now even a recognized supplement for humans, seaweed is extremely high in iron which fortifies the blood and helps the heart pump more efficiently. As the dried seaweed helps keep the dog’s entire system running, other parts of his system like metabolism, for example, start to work.
  5. Potato Protein: Highly digestible potato protein is a fantastic source of starch found in dog food. Although many critics decry dog ​​foods that contain it because of its status as a byproduct of potato processing, just because it’s a byproduct doesn’t mean it’s no longer a viable source of protein. Since potato protein is 75% pure protein, it keeps your dog’s energy levels up and strengthens his muscles and joints.
  6. Rosemary Extract: Functioning naturally as an antioxidant in dog food, rosemary extract is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that inhibits bacterial infections in the dog’s body.
  7. Spinach – Although small amounts of spinach are beneficial to a dog’s overall health, no canine should ingest a large amount of it daily. Its high levels of oxalic acid can cause severe nausea, vomiting, and gastroenteritis in the dog, so it is recommended to limit spinach in dog food.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  1. The company is extremely transparent: Chicken Soup for the Soul’s transparency is evident in many ways. From the publication of their corporate reports and financial statements to the detailed questions on their website, which answer pet owners’ questions about their dog food in detail, every part of their business is focused on their customers.
  2. Chicken Soup for the Soul is proud to keep ingredients local: All Chicken Soup for the Soul dry and wet servings contain ingredients sourced from the United States. Many consumers would consider it a disadvantage that Chicken Soup for the Soul makes its food at the Missouri-based Diamond Pet Food facility. However, we believe that Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food being made on the premises of such a reputable company can only be a good thing.
  3. Dedicated to Keeping Pets Safe During COVID-19: The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed our lives, as well as processes in the pet industry. Chicken Soup for the Soul pet foods have adapted to the times by introducing numerous protocol changes at all of their locations, decided upon following detailed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. In such uncertain times, it’s comforting to know that our dog’s source of livelihood will continue to be top-notch.


  1. These foods are high in carbohydrates: Chicken Soup for the Soup, keen to explain why its food contains so many carbohydrates, has stated that both quick-energy carbohydrates and slow-burning sources of carbohydrates should be included as essential nutrients. However, the problem for consumers is not the need to include carbohydrates, but how high the percentage of crude fat is in the guaranteed analysis.
  2. All Chicken Soup for the Soul dog foods contains chicken: Customers may think this is a given, not a drawback. After all, why wouldn’t a company called Chicken Soup contain chicken in their food? Well, it turns out that chicken is the biggest food allergen for dogs. Since most of these foods opt for this protein source, many dogs’ systems begin to view poultry as a threat to their immune systems. Your attempt to rid your system of poultry results in inflammation. However, Chicken Soup for the Soup foods try to mix different amounts of poultry products into their ingredients; an example is his veal pate wet food recipe. Likewise,

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