Discover The Importance Of Brushing The Dog

Discover the importance of brushing the dog
Discover the importance of brushing the dog

Brushing The Dog

Brushing the dog is a task that must be carried out periodically since it influences the hygiene of the animal and that of your own home. But let’s look in-depth at all the reasons why it is important to comb the dog.

Importance of brushing the dog

Brushing your dog regularly is essential for several reasons. These are the main ones.

You will remove dead hair

If you do not brush your pet regularly, it is very normal for the animal to accumulate dead hair on its body. Said hair is very uncomfortable for him, plus every time he scratches or shakes himself inside your home, the hair will fly through him.

You will keep it clean longer

Another good reason to brush the dog every day or, at least, several times a week (this will depend on the type of fur of each one), is because by doing so you will be removing any superficial dirt stuck to its hair.

With this, you achieve that the animal remains clean much longer without going through the bathtub.

You will keep parasites away

By brushing your dog, removing dead hair and dirt, you keep parasites at bay. But, in addition to this, if there are already, you will be able to detect them if you had not noticed before.

You will see your skin better

By combing your pet regularly you will be able to observe his skin. In this way, you could detect problems if there were any: allergies in dogs, wounds, lumps…

In case you see anything out of the ordinary, you must consult a veterinarian.

Dog odor is eliminated

Yes, it’s correct. The dog smell exists and the reason must be found in the sebaceous glands.

These glands are the ones that produce the fat that protects the skin. Therefore, when the hair gets wet, the production of bait increases and with it the smell.

In addition, the bacteria break down those dead hairs that remain attached to the animal’s body and that makes the smell intensified.

For all these reasons, brushing, removing dead hair and dirt, also removes that fur that smells the most.

Your fur will look healthier

Of course, we must not forget the aesthetic issue. By combing your dog frequently and doing all of the above, you can also make your dog’s coat healthier and shinier, both in reality and in appearance.

Your home will also be cleaner

Let’s also remember by consciously removing your pet’s dead fur, that will no longer fall on your floor, bed, sofa, or any area your dog passes through.

You will strengthen ties

Brushing time, if done with love, can become a time of fun and connection between pet and owner.

If you brush your dog carefully, it will seem like a very positive experience that he will relate to you. This will help you strengthen emotional ties.

How to brush the dog

Knowing the importance of brushing the dog, let’s now see some tips on how to do it. Take note of these tips!

Choose the correct brush to avoid scratches one of the main issues to take into account when brushing the dog is the love that must be put into this task. That love begins with the instrument, that is, with the brush you choose to groom your pet.

There are many different types of brushes on the market:

  • Glove or rubber bristles for short hair.
  • Metal bristles for curly hair.
  • Pin brush for long-haired dogs.

Make sure you choose the most suitable one and, above all, use it with the correct intensity on your body.

  1. Brush the dog: step by step

Let’s see step by step, how to brush your pet’s fur.

  1. Start by caressing his head and ears with your hand, just the way he likes it.
  2. Once you detect that she is relaxed, alternate the caress of one hand with brushing.
  3. Comb the top of her head and continue behind her ears.
  4. Brushed the head, goes to the loin.
  5. Comb his trunk to the sides, starting from the top and going down, in the direction of hair growth.
  6. The legs and tail are the most delicate areas, so save them for last. Look closely, because in their armpits and tail (in those with long hair) knots can form and you will have to undo them with love.
  7. To remove the knots, the ideal is for the hair to be somewhat damp. You will need a fine comb to remove the knot little by little. Hold it by the root so that if you pull, you don’t hurt your pet.

As a final piece of advice, the appropriate thing is that if you have neglected your pet’s hair a lot and it is impossible to brush due to the number of knots it has, takes it to a dog grooming center so that professionals can take care of it.

Brushing frequency

We end with another very important question: how often should I brush the dog? In general, it is said that:

  • Long-haired dog breeds should be brushed daily. That is the advisable thing, but it does not imply that if you do it 6 days instead of 7 there will be big problems.
  • Dogs with medium, curly or shaggy hair will need to be brushed about 4 times a week.
  • Those short-haired dogs can be brushed 2-3 times a week.

Even so, since each pet is different, you should adapt the brushing to your needs.