Holidays With Dogs – 12 Dog-Friendly Destinations

Holidays with dogs - 12 Dog-Friendly destinations

Traveling with our best friends is one of the most rewarding experiences we experience after a long year of work. After all, they are the ones who brighten each of our days and accompany us “through thick and thin”, when we need them most. And nothing more fair and pleasant than being able to also share these moments of relaxation with them: the holidays.

Fortunately, every year it is more feasible and practical to go on vacation with dogs, as more cities and establishments join the ” Dog Friendly ” trend, allowing the stay or permanence of pets in their facilities and means of transport. The number of squares and public spaces specially designed to enjoy our favorite furry ones has also risen.

Are you evaluating the possibility of traveling with your best friend this year? So, keep reading to discover 12 ideas with the best destinations to go on vacation with dogs. You’ll love it!

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Destinations to travel with dogs: Top 12 dog-friendly countries

To prepare our ranking of the best destinations to go on vacation with dogs, we have in mind different variables, such as the number of Dog-Friendly hotels and establishments, the possibility of using public transport with our furry ones, public spaces, and natural attractions that we can enjoy in your company, etc.

In this opportunity, we present you the 12 Dog-Friendly destinations that we selected so that you can enjoy your next vacation with your most loyal companions. Shall we start?


France is the country with the largest number of Dog-Friendly establishments in Europe. It is estimated that around eight million dogs live in Paris alone and more than 50% of the hotels in the French capital allow pets.

You can also enjoy a wide range of public spaces with your furry, such as restaurants, cafes, squares, and parks, and you will find many specialized services for him. In addition, France has beautiful natural landscapes beyond the “city of light” that you can explore with your best friend, such as its beaches for dogs, fields, castles, forests, lakes, and mountains.

However, it is important to note that certain breeds of dogs are prohibited from entering France, due to its Potentially Dangerous Animals law, they are the following: Boerboel or South African Mastiff, Tosa Inu, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier. For all these reasons, we recommend that you inform yourself in advance if your dog belongs to the breeds classified as PPP.


Germany is closely contesting a first place in our ranking with the best destinations to travel with dogs. For many travelers, cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt are among the best prepared on the European continent to receive our best friends and make them feel “at home”.

In addition to being able to calmly access public transport and numerous cultural, gastronomic, and recreational establishments with your furry friend. You will also have a wide range of Dog-Friendly accommodation since almost half of the German hotels accept pets. And let’s not forget that Germany is also one of the European countries with the largest number of natural parks, with spectacular trails for those who want to be closer to nature in the company of their best friends.


Although it does not have a hotel infrastructure as robust as France or Germany, Belgium is also among the best destinations for vacationing with dogs. Its capital, Brussels, is one of the most advanced cities (and with the fewest restrictions) regarding the access of pets to public means of transport. As long as you comply with hygiene and safety regulations, you can travel with your dog on Belgian public transport and get to know the best tourist attractions and the many green spaces in the city.


The Netherlands is also a cutting-edge country when it comes to hosting our favorite furry ones. If you are thinking of traveling to the capital of the Netherlands, you will be delighted to know that your best friend will be very welcome in Amsterdam, where around 30% of the hotel infrastructure already accepts pets and is adapted to receive them.

Another great advantage of going on vacation with dogs in the Netherlands is that there are already many museums and cultural centers that allow access to pets. Not to mention that it is possible to use public transport and access various commercial establishments with our faithful companions.


Your dog will also be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the exquisite Italian gastronomy in your company. Because Italy is one of the most dog-friendly countries in the world, allowing dogs access to a large part of its hotels, gastronomic centers, shops, and means of public transport.

In the big Italian cities, such as its capital Rome or the great fashion box, Milan, you will find a wide variety of specialized services for pet dogs. In addition, you can enjoy the natural attractions of the Italian land, such as the beautiful beaches of the South or the sunsets in Tuscany. But remember to protect your best friend from excessive heat and mosquitoes to avoid headaches during the holidays, especially if they are in summer.


Austria is a beautiful country that, unfortunately, often goes unnoticed in the rankings of the best destinations to travel with dogs. But the truth is that Austrian cities offer many attractions and advantages for those who want to go on vacation with their pets. To give you an idea, almost half of the hotels in its capital, Vienna, accept pets, and the local population has ingrained the good habit of treating animals as citizens of their beautiful city.

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You can also easily access Austrian public transport with your dog, as long as you keep it on its leash and muzzle. And a noteworthy “extra” about Vienna is that many restaurants and bars not only accept dogs but also provide drinking fountains for them to stay well hydrated and have a good time with their favorite humans.


Norway is one of the European countries where nature is the great protagonist of tourism and invites us to enjoy its forests and mountains with countless trails for trekking, running with your dog, or simply contemplating the beauty of its landscapes. Not to mention the possibility of traveling the roads of Norway to see the beautiful Nordic fjords.

In addition to being able to nurture your adventurous spirit with your faithful companion, you will also find a wide variety of Dog-Friendly accommodation options in the centers of the main cities in Norway, to learn more about its culture, gastronomy, art, and history.


Ireland is another ideal destination for those who want to go on vacation with dogs and enjoy being in contact with nature. A very interesting proposal that several Irish tourism agencies have incorporated is to offer special walks and tours for those who travel with their furry ones. In addition to offering specialized services to make them feel comfortable, they also suggest you get to know some of the many establishments and tourist attractions where your best friend is welcome in Ireland.


Spain is also among the best countries to travel with dogs, with its very varied landscapes, cultures and tourist proposals. Every year the number of shops, tourist points, hotels, and other types of accommodation that accept pets grows, and specialized services for “traveling pets” also diversify. In addition, Spain has a good number of beaches for dogs that can be the ideal alternative for your summer vacations.

However, it is important to consult the regulations in force in each autonomous community before traveling with dogs to Spain, mainly regarding the conditions for entry and permanence, and access to public transport, among other useful information. Also, do not forget to check which breeds are considered potentially dangerous in your destination city, since the legislation may vary according to the regulations in force in each autonomous community.


Without the risk of exaggeration, Greece is one of the most exuberant countries on the European continent, with its historical sites and its islands of paradisiacal landscapes. And not only human beings can be enchanted by the Greek natural beauties: but our furry ones are also welcome in numerous hotels, restaurants, and commercial establishments.

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If you decide to enjoy the holidays with your dog in Greece, keep in mind that temperatures can be very high in this region, especially during the summer. Therefore, do not forget to bring a suitable sunscreen for your best friend, keep him well hydrated throughout the trip and always make sure he has shade to rest and avoid heatstroke.

United States

The United States could not be missing among the best tourist destinations to go on vacation with dogs. Being one of the largest countries in the world and with the most powerful economy, it offers tourist attractions and landscapes for all tastes and budgets. But all of them have something in common: the wide and varied offer of Dog-Friendly hotels, public spaces, and commercial establishments.

But when choosing the ideal destination to travel with your best friend, always remember to consider the distance and the time during which you will need to transport it. For example, if you live in Europe or South America, you will have a few hours of flight until you reach the United States. And if your furry is not used to traveling by plane, it would be better to start taking him on vacation with you to closer destinations, whose round trips will be more comfortable for him.


Argentina is one of the doggiest countries in Latin America and, surely, also in the whole world. But beyond the passion of Argentines for their best friends, Buenos Aires has become one of the most dog-friendly cities on the American continent, with many public spaces specially designed to exercise, relax and entertain you with your furry friend. The offer of specialized services for pets and public policies that encourage responsible ownership also grows daily, and it is already possible to use public transport with your furry on some specific days and times.

But Argentina has other natural beauties beyond its big cities, such as the extensive fauna of the Argentine Patagonia that it shares with Chile or the beaches of its Atlantic Coast. However, it is important to consult the conditions to enter with estimated animals in some National Parks with protected native species. To facilitate your planning, we invite you to read these tips for traveling with your dog to Argentina.

Some tips to consider before going on vacation with dogs

In the first place, we are going to point out the importance of evaluating the distance that you will have to make with your best friend and the means that you will use to do so. A car ride can be quite uncomfortable for a dizzy dog, therefore, we must make some short trips beforehand, to know how it will react. Don’t forget that at BestPetsLover you will find everything you need to travel with a dog by car.

But if you are inclined to travel by plane, do not forget to contact the airline to make sure that they do accept transporting animals and what the conditions are for taking your best friend with you, as well as the security measures.

As important as planning your trip and the tourist spots to visit, it will be acquiring a suitable carrier for your dog and teaching it to remain calm inside it. If it is the first time that your dog will travel in a box or carrier, the ideal is to start its adaptation process at least two months before the date of the trip. Here at BestPetsLover, you can also learn the best tips for getting a dog used to the carrier.

On the other hand, do not forget to check the conditions for entering your country or destination city with dogs. And a few days before your trip, you will need to take your best friend to the vet to check his health, obtain the passport and health certificate, as well as carry out deworming, the application for vaccines or treatments that are required by the authorities of the country to which they are going.