How Many Puppies Can A Chihuahua Have?

How many puppies can a chihuahua have?

Whether we are thinking of breeding our Chihuahua because the vet has recommended it or if she has already become pregnant, without a doubt this is one of the main questions that arise. And since it is such a small breed of dog, knowing exactly how many puppies it can have is essential to planning the birth of the future mother.

Before entering this new and wonderful experience, we should consider it and be certain that it is the most ideal choice for our canine, and not so much for us. We must bear in mind that problems may arise during childbirth, as well as needing a cesarean section in case of not being able to give birth naturally. Is our dog ready to go through this whole process? It’s really necessary? From AnimalWised we recommend consulting your regular veterinarian about this decision before making it and carrying it out. If you have the approval of the specialist, read on and find out How Many Puppies Can A Chihuahua Have?

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What to consider before riding

If you have noticed that your Chihuahua dog has the dire need to be a mother, or it has been her veterinarian who has recommended it to you, you should before carrying out her wish, consider the following advice.

  • It is suggested that the male is more modest than the female. Although it is not proven that this fact makes the future mother conceive smaller puppies, all precaution is little when it comes to raising what is considered the smallest dog breed in the world. However, we repeat, this is not a proven fact, since, as with us, the genes of the parents’ ancestors also come into play. In this way, if the granddad represents things to come, mother, for instance, was bigger than her, a portion of the doggies can embrace that size.
  • Find a good vet. Precisely because the Chihuahua is such a small dog, the chances of suffering problems during pregnancy or childbirth are heightened. Therefore, having the services of a professional is essential, not only to monitor the pregnancy but also to perform a cesarean section if necessary. In particular, Chihuahua dogs weighing less than 3 kilos have a greater propensity for cesarean section. In this sense, you should keep in mind that raising a Chihuahua involves money, as well as time and dedication.
  • Breeding dogs from the same family is not recommended. As with humans, breeding specimens from the same family increases the chances of gestating puppies with malformations or genetic diseases.
  • The canine should be north of more than two years of age. Regardless of breed, before this age, the bitch is considered too young to undergo pregnancy.

Having said that, you need to ask yourself the question, “why have my chihuahua bred?” If the reaction isn’t any of those listed above and you’ve decided to do it for your dog’s benefit or in light of how you think they should feel this experience, you should know that you are wrong. As we mentioned, Chihuahuas are more likely than other breeds to suffer from problems throughout the gestation period, so it is not recommended to breed them for the simple pleasure of the owners.

Keep in mind that the consequences of subjecting her to this could be very serious, so consult your veterinarian and ask for advice before proceeding with the mount. On the other hand, if you have observed that your dog suffers from psychological pregnancies and you consider that you should breed her to avoid them, you should know that this will only make this hormonal imbalance occur more frequently. Sterilization is the only way to prevent psychological pregnancies in female dogs.

How many babies can a chihuahua have?

If the vet has finally given you the approval to breed your chihuahua and you have wondered how many puppies it can have, you should know that the number will depend on both the time of mating and the size of the parents. Similar to women, female canines experience more and less fertile stages during their ovulation cycle.

If mating occurs during the most fertile phase (“estrus”), more eggs will be fertilized and, therefore, more Chihuahua puppies will be gestated. For more information, we advise you to consult our article on the heat in female dogs. Likewise, if the female is of medium size, the chances of having a greater number increase, while if she is a toy, it is most likely that she will not exceed three puppies.

Although, as we mentioned, the number is largely determined by the time of mating and size, a female Chihuahua can have from one to six puppies, the most common being between two and three.

How long does a female Chihuahua’s pregnancy last?

The duration of a Chihuahua’s pregnancy is no different than that of any other breed, so the average is between 58 and 68 days. Rarely does the birth come early, but if it does happen, you should call the vet as soon as possible so that they can assist in the premature birth of your Chihuahua dog. If day 68 arrives and delivery does not occur, do not be alarmed, this situation, on the other hand, is frequent and can last until day 75. If it takes longer, you should visit a veterinarian to find out what will happen.

Pregnant chihuahua care

Stress during the pregnancy of the Chihuahua bitch is discouraged, not only because it could result in problems during pregnancy, but also because the puppies that are in the All the circumstances that the mother experiences have an impact on the womb. To avoid this, it is highly recommended to increase the number of daily walks for the Chihuahua dog and offer her all our attention and affection. We must concurrently provide the following assistance:

  • We will provide you with quality food throughout the process.
  • In case of observing changes in her stool, we will have to change her diet and consult with the veterinarian about the most appropriate for the pregnant chihuahua bitch. In this sense, the consumption of puppy food is fully recommended.
  • From the second half of the pregnancy, we will increase the dose of food by 5% every week until delivery. If we see that he loses weight, we will have to increase it a little more.
  • As an additional service, we can provide you with a daily glass of milk to encourage lactation.
  • We’ll routinely see the veterinarian with the pregnant dog.

In addition to paying attention to her diet, the care of the pregnant chihuahua also includes providing a comfortable bed for her and the puppies. When choosing the bed, keep in mind that the edges are not too low, since the puppies could get out and hurt themselves. Two weeks before giving birth, it is possible that the bitch begins to look for the corner in which she wants to give birth and establish her nest.

We must now pay attention to her actions and position the bed where she chooses. Keep in mind that, if you can’t go to the vet in time, it is likely that she will give birth in it, so place a towel to prevent blood staining on the mattress. Don’t miss our post about pregnancy in the bitch for further details.

Gestation of the female chihuahua

The gestation of a Chihuahua female usually lasts a minimum of 58 days and a maximum of 65. When the gestation period is shorter than usual, a premature birth occurs which implies a greater risk when the puppies are born healthy; when labor occurs later, it is called late labor, and sometimes it must be provoked to ensure that the puppies are born alive.

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During this period, it is recommended that we take the dog for a walk frequently, contrary to what some people may think, in addition to adopting an adequate diet that guarantees the correct nutrition of the dog. It is not so much about the quantity of food, but about the quality of it. For this reason, it is important to go to the veterinarian to monitor the health status of the female.

The birth of the chihuahua

Mini breeds are usually exposed to more risks in childbirth, due to the small size of the dog. One of the first signs that warn about the proximity of childbirth is the presence of milk a week before. Within a few days of the expected event taking place, the Chihuahua is likely to show signs of nervousness and become restless, for example scratching the floor or walls.

Labor can last between 5 and 24 hours, with the possibility of reaching 36 hours in first-time mothers. Another of the signs that alert us that the female is going to give birth is a drop in body temperature, reaching 37 degrees, taking into account that they usually have a temperature of 39 degrees. Once the waters break, it can take a few hours for the pups to go outside.

The moment the female begins to expel the cubs, she is she will make movements that will alert us that she is pushing. These movements are usually performed every two-three minutes. As labor progresses, it can be seen that the female Chihuahua has more pain and her movements are more continuous.

How many puppies can a chihuahua have?

Once the dog has given birth, you will be surprised by the tiny size of the puppies. Care must be taken that the mother does not harm the young by sitting on it. A chihuahua can have up to 4 or 5 puppies, although it is normal for her to give birth to a maximum of 2 or 3 puppies. In cases where the female gives birth to more than 2 or 3 puppies, there is a greater chance that she will have problems after delivery.

Possible problems during childbirth

As it is such a small breed of dog, it is best to have the chihuahua assisted by a veterinarian when giving birth. However, when the date approaches, it will be essential that we are attentive at all times to help our dog and go to the specialist. Only in those cases in which, due to schedule, there is no veterinarian available, we should be the ones who attend the birth of the puppies.

If no complications occur, labor usually lasts between five and 24 hours, depending on how many puppies the Chihuahua has. Puppies might be born an hour apart or within minutes of one another. If more than an hour passes, we will have to go to the specialist because There can be an issue that prevents the next puppy from being born. Likewise, we will need to contact the veterinarian if the delivery takes longer than a day.

In addition to the complications already mentioned, the following problems can arise during the delivery of the Chihuahua bitch :

  • A cub gets stuck and cannot be born.
  • One of the puppies has died in the womb and is therefore either stillborn or unable to come out. In such a case, we will never let the mother eat her placenta since she could cause an infection.
  • The mother does not remove the placenta when a puppy is born. In this case, we will have to be the ones to break the placenta so that the puppy can breathe, otherwise, it will suffocate.
  • The puppy is born but the placenta remains inside. In this case, we must carefully pull the puppy’s umbilical cord to remove it.
  • The dog does not cut the umbilical cord. So, we will have to do it for her a couple of minutes after her birth. To accomplish this, we will need to cut the cord on the outside and clean it. To do this, we will need to use previously disinfected rounded tip scissors, tie the cord with a thread six millimeters away from the navel, create multiple knots to stop the blood flow, and tie the cord. For greater accuracy, we suggest that you see your veterinarian a few days before delivery so that you can be ready if he is unable to be there.
  • The puppy does not respond. We will have to resuscitate it following the indications provided in our article on resuscitation of newborn puppies.

Although other problems can arise during childbirth, these are the most common. Especially if we observe that our dog cannot give birth, it will be essential to go to the vet because it is most likely that she will need a cesarean section. Keep in mind that chihuahuas, especially toy ones, may require help giving birth.

Should I go to a vet for delivery?

At first, it is not necessary to go to the vet for your chihuahua to give birth. It is important to take her to the vet to monitor the good health of both the mother and the puppies during pregnancy. Before the delivery takes place, it is highly recommended to perform an ultrasound to reveal the number of puppies that will give birth and if they have a bad position. According to this information and under the experience of the veterinary profession, the possibility that the dog can give birth at home will be assessed, or otherwise, the need to take her to the veterinary center after presenting the first symptoms.

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