How To Make A Cat Bed?

How to make a cat bed

When we have a new member at home, be it a feline, canine, or rodent, for example, we always want the best for him or her. Even so, although most of the time we try to acquire all those accessories and toys that are on the market, many are expensive and we cannot afford them. Within this acquisition of toys and accessories, basic care for cats is included, which, as for humans, one of them is good to rest. For this reason, our felines will need a comfortable place to sleep and relax.

If you have recently adopted a cat and need a bed for it to sleep in, keep reading this BestPetsLover article where we give you ideas on how to make a cat bed easily and simply.

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Make a bed for your cat

When you make a bed for your cat, you will prevent your cat from climbing to sleep on the furniture or your bed. Don’t rule out that they do what they want, but one of the nicest curiosities of felines is that suddenly, they are passionate about something that they have always had by their side and had never paid attention to.

So if your little pet ignores the bed at first, be patient! She will end up liking it.

We know that cats sleep a lot, so if you are wondering how to make a DIY cat bed, we are going to leave you with a series of instructions so that you can make the most comfortable bed for your kitten.

cat bed made of cardboard

How to make a cat bed out of cardboard? Cardboard is an ideal material to make your kitten’s bed. Have you seen that cats love cardboard boxes? We don’t know why, but cats love to sleep in any cardboard box they see.

A bed with this material will attract them a lot, but it is not enough to just leave the box and that’s it. At the bottom of the box leave any clothing you no longer wear or a cushion for comfort.

It is also recommended that you free the box from the lids so that it looks better aesthetically in addition to painting it. This is the best way if you are wondering how to make an easy cat bed.

Cat bed with boxes

The first option to make an easy bed for cats is with a cardboard box. To begin with, we must get a cardboard box that is large enough for our cat to fit. In this way, depending on the size of the feline, we will acquire one box or another.

Once we have the box of the desired size and in good condition, we will have to cut the flaps of the box so that the upper part is exposed. Next, we will cut a piece on one of the sides to be a kind of entrance. Finally, we can paint it in the colors that we like the most and decorate it with fabrics in case they do not bother the feline. Inside we will add a cushion to make it more comfortable.

If you dare a little more with crafts, you can try to make a double house, or a larger house, where it also has room to climb on top.

Cat bed with a jumper

Another option to make a homemade cat bed is with a sweater. Surely there is some piece of clothing that you no longer use, either because it is old or because you no longer like it. Whatever the reason, you only need a cushion filler, needle, and thread to create this bed.

Once you have chosen the sweater that you want as a bed for your cat, you will have to sew the lower part (the one at the waist) and one of the sleeves. In this way, the sweater will be closed on these two sides. Next, introduce the cushion filling throughout the body of the garment. Take the filled sleeve and pass it inside the empty sleeve so that the garment is completely closed in an oval shape. Finally, you will only have to sew the neck.

Cat bed with tires

Although it may seem more complicated than the other two methods, it is also possible to create a cat bed out of a tire. To do this, we will only need to get a tire, paint of the color that we prefer, and a cushion. When we have all the materials we will only have to paint the tire and, after it dries, include a cushion of the appropriate size inside.

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Cat beds with a suitcase

Although making a cat bed out of a suitcase is presented as a homemade bed option, it is quite a challenge in terms of crafts. As in the other options, the first thing we will do is gather the necessary materials. In this case, we will have to look for a hardcover suitcase, four wooden legs, and a comfortable pillow or cushion for your feline.

In this case, we will only have to glue the four legs to each of the ends of the suitcase. In this way, when we place the suitcase it would have to be in such a way that it simulates a small armchair. Finally, we will add inside the cushion where our pet will rest.

How to make a “cave” type cat bed

If you want a more elaborate bed for your kitten, then we are going to present you with another idea that you will surely love, it is a cave bed in which they can rest without anyone bothering them. Remember that they love to hide!

What is needed?

  1. A large cardboard box.
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Painting
  5. A marker
  6. A cushion or a sweater.

How is it done?

You must position the box upside down, that is, with the closed bottom facing up. The next thing is to draw an opening on one of the sides of the box, it can be U-shaped or square, the idea is that you make it the right size for your cat to enter without difficulty.

After drawing the entrance in the box, cut it with scissors and see if the size is enough, remember that cats grow very fast.

You already have the entry ready now proceed to paint the face of the box and its edges to make it look more attractive and you can put it anywhere in the house. You can even write your pet’s name. You can also cover it with colored paper, depending on the time you have.

Finally, place the cushion or sweater inside so that the cat can sleep comfortably and that’s it. This bed – cave will provide you with an ideal resting place and will protect you from the cold at night.

How to make a cat bed from a sweater?

If you have noticed that your cat likes to sleep in a particular sweater and you are willing to sacrifice this garment for your pet’s rest and happiness, you can make a cat bed out of that sweater. Follow the steps below:

  • You should sew a seam that goes from one armpit to the other armpit. Once this is done, insert a cushion of the appropriate size in the sewn part, as shown in the video.
  • Sew the neck, so that the filling does not escape and it is better when shaping it.
  • Next, fill the sleeves with wadding or whatever material you have so that they are very fluffy.
  • Join the two sleeves and sew them, so that they “hug” the cushion that you filled in step 1.

How to make a teepee for cats or dogs

Another good idea is to build a somewhat more elaborate bed in the form of an Indian tipi. For some time now, these constructions have been very fashionable in decoration, whether for children or pets. The main thing that changes is the size.

Underneath you have an informative video to construct one. We hope that this article has provided you with some interesting ideas to make a bed for your feline. We have shown how to make beds out of cardboard, sweaters, and a teepee. Remember that there are endless possibilities.