How To Make Cat Ice Cream 2023

How To Make Cat Ice Cream 2023

Ice creams are one of the foods that you most want to consume when the heat tightens. There are endless varieties to choose from and you have probably wondered if any of them are suitable for your cat. The truth is that the ice creams that humans are used to consuming cannot be offered to them. They contain sugars, fats, milk, sweeteners, cocoa, and other ingredients that are completely inadvisable for the feline diet.

But, if we feel like sharing ice cream with our cat, we have the option of preparing it ourselves at home. In this way, we make sure not only that it does not contain any prohibited ingredients, but that the ones we include will be beneficial to you. In this Best Pets Lover article, we explain how to make cat ice cream and we offer you several recipes to choose from.

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Ice cream with milk

Cow’s milk-based ice creams are highly appreciated by us, but you have to know that, as much as milk has traditionally been associated with cats, the truth is that it is not the most suitable food for them. As happens to many people, milk can cause intolerance. This is because to digest its sugar, called lactose, digestive enzymes are needed, which are lactases.

These are present in mammals at birth since all are prepared to feed on their mother’s milk. But, at the end of the lactation stage, its quantity decreases, making it difficult to digest the milk. This can cause digestive disorders after consumption. In addition, milk is one of the foods that can trigger allergies. For all these reasons, it is not recommended that cats consume it and, in any case, if it does not make them feel bad, it would be incorporated into the diet as a reward, not as the main ingredient.

Thus, we can only offer milk ice cream if we are sure that the cat tolerates it. Otherwise, we should use lactose-free milk (which contains very little), natural yogurt without sugar, fresh cheese, or special milk for cats. To this basic ingredient, you can add different pieces of fruit, such as apples or pears, and even vegetables. You just have to mix everything and freeze. Find out what foods are prohibited for cats and play to combine and vary the rest.

Ice cream with broth

Cats don’t need their ice creams to be sweet, so you can make them broth-based. You can use both vegetable and meat or fish broths. They should be homemade because they should not contain salt, sugar, or excess fat. Just put the broth in an ice bucket and put it in the freezer.

You can also use the fridge to get it out easier with the stick, but they are usually too large for a cat. You have the option of using a stick-shaped cat snack if you want a popsicle or simply putting the ice cube directly into a container for the cat to consume like that. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ice creams for cats to offer very good nutrients for your body.

Ice cream with food

As we have seen, the best ice cream for cats is not going to be the same as the one you would choose for yourself. They will be more attracted to, for example, ice cream their favorite food. White or blue fish, chicken, or turkey can be cooked, without salt or sauces, and then put through the blender/blender with a little water or broth to form a paste. This is the one you can put in the ice bucket to put in the freezer. If you don’t want to get complicated, it’s easier to make this pasta directly with your favorite can.

This recipe for homemade ice cream for cats is simple and nutritious since it includes basic ingredients in their diet, such as protein of animal origin.

Ice cream with a surprise

To any of the bases that we have mentioned (milk, food, or broth) you can add a surprise. For example, we can put them in the ice bucket with a piece of food that our cat likes, a small ball of feed, a snack, etc. Thus, it will suck the frozen part and, when it melts, it will access its solid prize.

With this type of ice cream for cats, we get hydration, relief from the heat, fun, and entertainment.

Ice cream with one ingredient

For cats who love fruit, we can try this ice cream recipe that couldn’t be easier. You just have to peel a banana, cut it into slices, and put it in the freezer. In a few hours, when it has frozen, all you have to do is take it out and put it through the blender/shredder. You will be surprised by the creamy consistency that it will acquire. Very easy, more palatable, and, most importantly, completely safe for your cat. Of course, keep in mind that bananas are not a food that should be given very often, as we explain in this post: ” Can cats eat bananas? “.

How to give ice cream to cats

Cats tend to withstand high temperatures quite well. As long as we keep the home cool, they will have no problem tolerating heat waves. For this reason, just because we need to refresh ourselves, for example, by eating ice cream, it does not mean that they also need it. In other words, we can offer our cat an ice cream occasionally, as a reward, but only if he shows interest in it. Cats do not perceive sweet tastes, so, likely, they do not have a special interest in these foods.

Even so, you can try to make some of the recipes that we have shared, especially to increase hydration and refresh it in summer. because cats are animals with a tendency to drink little water. Of course, what you should never give him is an ice cream made for humans.

Thus, you can offer any recipe mentioned as a prize, that is, occasionally, 1-2 times a week. And keep in mind that the prizes should never be more than 5-10% of the daily ration, so they will have to be deducted from the menu.

On the other hand, it’s best to take the ice cream out of the freezer for a while before giving it to your cat so it doesn’t get too cold and stick to her tongue. Regarding logistics, it is advisable to put it on a fountain so that the cat can suck it and slide it without putting the floor (or furniture) lost or leaving it on the terrace, the bathroom, the bathtub, or any similar surface that is easy to dry and clean. 

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