How to make your cat happy Here we tell you!

Are you a true cat lover and want to make sure you make your cat happy? Read on and take note! In-Universe Pets we will give you the best advice for this.

Whether you have a new cat in the family, or you just want to make sure you make your current feline companion happy, here is a list of all the essentials your kitty needs to be happy and healthy.  


Checklist to make your cat happy

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  1. Give a 5-star restaurant experience

Observe your cat very well, and give him his food and drink on a plate that he likes and makes him feel comfortable. Also, remember to clean your feeder and consumer day by day (nobody likes to eat from a grimy plate).

On the other hand, remember that cats love routines, so it is ideal that their breakfast and dinner are served at similar times in a quiet place without noise. In addition, felines love to enjoy a snack during the day.

So if you leave him at home alone, be sure to leave him dry food or a treat hidden in a puzzle feeder or interactive toy. This will ensure that your tummy stays full. TIP: Cats don’t like to share their food! If you have multiple cats, make sure they all have their own feeders.

Follow these means and you will certainly have a glad feline at home who will thank you with his specific murmurs.

  1. Make him enjoy drinking water

You may have noticed that your cat regularly drinks water from various strange places, such as the garden hose, a flowerpot outside, or the toilet, but not from his drinking fountain! The reason? Cats are picky eaters. If the water in your bowl is slightly stale, the taste will not be quite right. Think of it like a good wine that goes bad, or worse ….. Cold coffee.

So save him the embarrassment of getting his daily requirement for toilet water by changing it regularly, and of course, keeping it separate from his litter tray.

However, if you notice that drinking water from the fountain still does not attract attention, try some alternatives, such as a water fountain for cats, your kitten will surely love it! (Cats love water that is in motion), and in addition, the fountains also purify the water, enhancing the taste and benefits of the water for your cat’s health.

  1. Create a cozy and comfortable space for your nap

Is your cat an expert at sleeping? Typically, cats spend an average of about 18 to 20 hours per day napping. To make your cat happy while he enjoys his rest, make him relax and have a private, safe and quiet space to sleep.

Prepare his bed and many blankets of his favorites. Igloo beds with high sides or a roof are preferred by kitties because they help them feel safe and secure.

  1. Design a recreational place for your cat

As many of you know, cats love to scratch. So if they don’t have a suitable scratching post, they will find something else to do it, for example, your favorite furniture.

  1. Strategically locate his litter box

When it comes to doing business, cats have similar requirements to humans. A private space, quiet and away from the places where they sleep, eat and drink. Not much to ask for, right?

To have a happy cat, you should keep in mind that the litter tray must be at least 1 1/2 times the length of the cat. If it is too small, your feline might decline to utilize it.

Your kitty needs help when it comes to cleaning her private bathroom, too. So, get into the habit of normally emptying and cleaning your cat’s litter tray once a day, and more thoroughly once a week.

  1. Take trips in style

A cat carrier is a must for any trip you take your cat on away from home.

For their safety and yours (have you seen their claws?), It is important to contain them while you travel. A secure cat carrier will do this and also provide a safe space for them to relax. You don’t want your kitty to feel too confined, so make sure she has plenty of room when she’s in the carrier.

  1. Have a playtime with your cat

Cats are real creatures of leisure, they surely don’t go around the nursery like their canine adversaries. But that does not mean that they do not enjoy playing. Your kitty loves to be mentally stimulated!

Playtime will help your cat develop her eye-to-paw coordination, practice her basic instincts, and will be the ideal opportunity to reinforce her bond with you. Try having play sessions with your cat several times a day: you will soon discover her favorite games!

And don’t be surprised if each game only lasts a few minutes. Cats have a short attention span, so it’s totally typical for them to go astray similarly as you’re idealizing your wand-waving strategy.

  1. Use Feliway and keep your cat happy

What situations make you nervous? Traffic, being late for work, forgetting your wallet or keys at home? Cats have similar concerns, even though it’s not your wallet. Cats experience daily challenges that conflict with their natural needs. And as a result, they can get frustrated and show signs like spraying, urinating, scratching, and even hiding.