How to travel with animals to the United States in 2022?

How to travel with animals to the United States? If you will make a trip to the United States and need to go with your pet, you should know all the essential documentation that you should introduce so neither you nor your four-legged companion has issues when entering that country. Remember that to apply for an ESTA for the United States you should do it something like 15 days ahead of time, so don’t leave every one of the papers as late as possible.

In this Animal Wised article, we will disclose how to make a trip with pets to the United States, so we will talk both with regards to the prerequisites that the creature should meet and those that you need to follow.

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What animals can travel to the United States?

We know that for many people who have adopted an animal, it has become a member of the family and it is often difficult to travel without it. For this reason, most airlines allow small animals to travel onboard and larger ones can do so from the hold.

For animals, traveling and changing surroundings is not as fun as for you, so it is recommended that, if you are going to travel with your pet to the United States, it be for a long time. These are the animals that can travel to the United States if they have all the necessary documentation:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Companion birds
  • Fish and reptiles that are not in danger of extinction
  • Guinea pigs
  • Ferrets
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits

Requirements and documents to travel with animals to the United States

When it comes to traveling with pets to the United States, the majority of requests that are found by airlines are to be able to transport cats or dogs. It is necessary that pets have very specific documentation, as well as the people who accompany them.

For this reason, it is important to start preparing the documentation in advance so that you do not have to run at the last minute or find something unforeseen that prevents you from flying. These are the requirements and documents necessary to travel to the United States with animals.

Requirements and documents for the animal

When we talk about pets, there are two different ways that they can travel. Animals weighing less than 8 kg may go in a carrier and be brought on board in the same cabin where the passenger goes. On the other hand, dogs that exceed this weight must go in a space prepared for them in the hold of the plane.

It is important to take into account all the necessary documentation so that your animal can travel without problems to the United States by plane:

  • You must have the vaccination certificate with the vaccines that correspond to you according to your age.
  • You must have a veterinary health certificate issued 3 days before the flight by a veterinarian as your animal is in perfect health to travel.
  • You have to get a sanitary export permit. You can get it for free if your animal is over 4 months old.
  • Get the screwworm certificate as your animal does not have larvae in its fur.
  • The traveling pet must have an identification microchip.

In addition, find out about the specific restrictions that each airline may put in place prior to buying the ticket. While there are some companies that will not charge you for taking your animal, there are others that will ask you for an extra charge that you will have to pay if you want your pet to travel with you to the United States.

Requirements and documents that people need

If you are too worried about letting your animal fly with you, it may be that you forget the documentation that you have to present in order to be allowed to travel to America. Take this documentation into account and prepare it sometime before so as not to encounter any unforeseen events:

  • Apply for the ESTA visa to enter the United States. The approval of this visa takes approximately 72 hours, but if, due to an error, it is negative, you must wait at least 10 days to try again. That is why we recommend that you apply for the ESTA visa when your flight is about 15 days away.
  • You must bring the necessary documentation that proves that you are vaccinated against COVID-19, in addition to having a negative test with a maximum age of 72 hours.
  • They will ask you to have a valid passport.
  • It is optional to take out health insurance, however, that will allow you to travel much more relaxed in case something happens to you once you are there.

Recommendations for traveling with animals to the United States

As we have said before, for animals it is quite a strong chance to have to travel on an airplane, especially for those who have to go in the hold far from their family. That is why it is important that, if you do that, it is for a long season and you mentally prepare your animal a little before.

Likewise, it will be essential that your animal is fully accustomed to the carrier, since, depending on your country of origin, it will spend many hours inside it. To do this, do not miss our article on How to accustom a cat to the carrier and How to take my cat on vacation.

You should avoid making your animal nervous the season before the trip, even taking it quite often to run to release all the stress that it may have accumulated. If your veterinarian recommends it and prescribes it, just before getting on the plane you can give him some tranquilizing or relaxing drug so that he can rest better. Of course, we insist that it must be a specialist who prescribes this type of drug since an incorrect administration could be fatal for your animal.

When you arrive at your destination, avoid greeting him effusively or having a party, especially if he is very nervous. On the contrary, continue with the same concept of tranquility and take him to play sports as soon as possible. It may be that your pet is a little upset and stressed and it is normal, but you just keep giving him all the love he needs, gives him the calm he lacks, and be very patient.