Magical Names For Cats

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Are you looking for magical cat names for your new feline friend? There are many magical cats in movies, literature, and mythology, and one of their names could be perfect for your pet.

Famous magical cat names

These stories may have particularly appropriate names for your cat!


Bagheera is the great black panther from Rudyard Kipling’s classic story, The Jungle Book. Bagheera escaped captivity to recapture his wild lifestyle and raise Mowgli from a very young age. He, alongside a couple of other wilderness creatures, go about as a coach to the kid who ultimately grows up and should get back to society.


Bastet (also known as Bast) is an Egyptian goddess who often appears as a cat-headed woman, or as a cat wearing an ornate gold necklace and large hoop earrings. She is the great protector of cats, happy homes, and pregnant women. Basset represents fertility and is depicted as the sun goddess, responsible for bringing sunlight to the fertile farmlands of southern Egypt.

Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall, the transfiguration teacher from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, can transform into a silver tabby cat. Her cat form bears markings around her eyes similar to the professor’s square glasses.


William Butler Yeats’ sonnet The Cat and the Moon is about a dark feline named Minnaloushe. Creeping through the grass around evening time, Minnaloushe’s eyes change tone as he moves all through the twilight.

Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Norris is the talkative cat that belongs to Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School in Harry Potter. Mrs. Norris walks the halls meowing every time she finds a misbehaving student.


The Nekobus, or Catbus, is an unusual person from Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro. The half-cat, half-bus creature transports the film’s characters to a magical world in Japan.

Richard Parker

Richard Parker is a huge Bengal tiger in Yann Martel’s Life of Pi. In this supernatural authenticity novel, Richard Parker is adrift out in the ocean in a little raft with a youthful Indian named Pi.


Simpkin is the cat in The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter. In the story, Simpkin captures all the mice in the tailor’s shop and hides them under the teacups. The tailor frees the mice, who end up completing an important project for him when he falls ill.


In Sheila Burnford’s novel The Incredible Journey, Tao is a Siamese cat who travels with two canine companions, Luath and Bodger, in search of his supposedly lost family. Tao is an intelligent hunter and survivor, with a fierce loyalty to both the dogs and his family.


Tibert is a county cat from Reynard the Fox, a medieval French folk tale. Tibert chases after Reynard and tries to bring the tricky fox to justice before King Leo.

Thackery Binx

Thackery Binx is the immortal black cat in the Hocus Pocus movie. Binx is a young boy, but he turned into a cat when he tried to save his sister, Emily, from three evil witches.

Tybalt / Theobald

Tybalt is the short-tempered prince who is eventually killed by Romeo in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Although he is human and not a cat, Tybalt was named after Tibert, Reynard Fox’s cat, and is called the “Prince of Cats” by Mercutio during the play.


While this particular name is somewhat difficult, some people choose to shorten it to Sun. Tsun-Kyanske was the Burmese goddess of transmutation. The Burmese believed that only cats could converse with the goddess, and therefore their priests kept cats in their temples.

Egyptian names for Siamese cats

An Egyptian name could be ideal for your new Siamese feline companion. These unusual and dignified names combine wonderfully with exotic and special kittens such as the Siamese. Whether your new kitty is male or female, you’re sure to find the perfect name for her style and personality on this list.

Not another “Fluff”

Although Siamese cats are friendly and affectionate creatures, there is something about this breed that sets them apart from other felines. Names like “Fluff” and “Copo” may serve the average kitty very well, but somehow they don’t suit a Siamese.

Perhaps this is because there is a certain innate sense of dignity that comes naturally to this breed. The first thing that strikes you when you look at it is an impression of royal splendor, even if that splendor hides the heart of a clown who loves to play. For this reason, Siamese twins deserve names that are above the norm.

More and more cat owners are turning to unique cat names, and few are as unusual and beautiful as Egyptian names. It’s even possible to choose meaningful cat names from this genre that says something about your cat’s personality.

List of Egyptian names for Siamese cats

We should investigate a few beautiful Egyptian names for Siamese felines. We will divide our choices by gender.

Egyptian names for Siamese cats

female names Meaning male names Meaning
Aisha Peaceful Aluminum Childish
Me flower implies beauty Amenhotep Pleasing to the god Amon
Banafrit lovely soul Anok Fero Pharaoh
Djabenusiri Venus ok knows Wise
Desert holy soul Baraka A blessing
Ebe Wonderful Benepe strong as iron
ebony Sweet or honey-colored Buchu The best
emus here Little cat Kahotep peaceful
echo Pork Kamenwati black rebel
Harare another word for flower Kenobi Panther
Ebony Black Khenti Leader
iris of the goddess Isis Kufu one of the pharaohs
kepi stormy Menetnashte Powerful
kiwi Obese Mikhail Warrior
merit much loved mshai Homeless
meshkenrit Egyptian goddess of birth Nebtawi Mister
Piss Egyptian cat god Name Strong
Miu Gentile Oji Bad
Nafre Okay Panama Barbarian
Nafretiri Beautiful rasui Dreamer
Nafrini that brings beauty Remmao Prosperous
Nebit like a leopard Shalam Egyptian greeting
Odjit Naughty shush Smug
Seshafi angry or combative Sokkwi Foolish
Shainefer that brings good luck Aurochs A king
Woserit Strong woman wati Rebel

Royal names

Ancient Egyptian royal names can also serve your pet well. Options include:

  • Ramses
  • Tuthmosis
  • Tutankhamun
  • City
  • Tausret (queen)
  • Hatshepsut (queen)
  • Cleopatra – a Greek name, but for an Egyptian queen

choose the perfect name

By meaning

Now that you have a working list of Egyptian Siamese cat names, it’s time to decide which, if any, best suits your cat’s appearance and personality. After all, once his name is established, your cat will have to live with him for the rest of his life. Have you ever tried to change a cat’s name once the animal got used to it? It’s almost impossible. Take the time to observe your cat, both when she is interacting with you and when she is alone. This will give you some good clues about his true personality and help you choose a name that complements his character.

Just for preference

However, you can ignore the meaning of the names if you wish, because most people you meet won’t know what they mean anyway. If you choose this route, select a name that you like and that rolls off your tongue easily. Practice your choice a couple of times to see if it “fits.” There’s nothing more awkward than selecting a name you love but can’t pronounce it the same way twice. If you find this to be the case with your first selection, move on to another name and try again.

There are many possibilities

If you like Egyptian names, don’t stop here. This list is just a part of the names you can choose from. With a little digging, you could unearth a real treasure.

Adorable Himalayan Kitten Names

You may not want to give your beautiful Himalayan kitten a common cat name like Fluff, Mittens, or Tom. Maybe you want the name to be as majestic and exotic as the Himalayas themselves, or maybe you want something with an Asian twist that describes a characteristic of your cat. Don’t worry, there are many unique and special names available.

How to choose a great name for your kitten

You’ll want to consider the following facts about your cat and your lifestyle before choosing a cute Himalayan kitten name.

The sex of your kitten

While it may not matter to some people, and certainly not to your kitty, many people try to call their new kitten a female name if she’s a female cat and a male name if she’s a male kitten.

Special brands

If your cat has deep blue eyes or a unique pattern to its coat, you might consider naming it after that. Perhaps something about her fur reminds you of the snowy peaks of the Himalayan mountains and you want to name her Chomolungma which means Snow Goddess.

A name you like

Be sure to say the name you are considering out loud several times. Does it feel good? Is it comfortable to say? Can you spell it for your vet?

Choosing Cute Names for a Himalayan Kitten

Here are a few names that are related to the Himalayan mountains and the encompassing region. As you go through the list, jot down a few that you like the most. Carry the list for a few days and cross off the names you lose interest in.


There are some fascinating place names in the Himalayas that you can choose to name your new kitty. Place names frequently have colorful implications and implications.

Himalayan Kitten Names – Places

Name It means Sex Describe
Dhaulagiri white mountain Feminine The seventh highest peak in the world
Everest The highest mountain in the world Masculine The highest peak in the world
Bra spirit mountain Indistinct The eighth highest peak in the world
Makalu The Great Dark Indistinct The fifth highest peak in the world
Nanda Devi Goddess who bestows bliss Feminine The highest peak in India


Many people have tried to climb the Himalayan mountains. Some have perished trying, while others have become heroes. Naming your kitty after one of these people may appeal to you if you love history and adventure.

                            Himalayan Kitten Names – Famous People

Name Feat Sex
Mackins He climbed without oxygen Masculine
Mallory attempted the first ascent Indistinct
Odell The first ascent to Nanda Devi Indistinct
Whittaker First American to reach the top of Everest Masculine

Miscellaneous Names

The Tibetan language is full of fascinating names. Even naming your kitty “Socks” can be unique when you use a Tibetan word.

                         Himalayan Kitten Names -Various

Name Who / What is Sex Meaning / Details
Amrita -/- Indistinct Ambrosia
Assam Place Masculine Has
Bhandara Goddess Feminine Prosperity
Onion -/- Indistinct someone dear to hug
Dorje -/- Masculine Lightning
Garkan -/- Indistinct Dancer
Foot -/- Indistinct Rainbow
Jigme -/- Indistinct Without fear
Kim Character Indistinct Libro de Kipling
Kitsi -/- Indistinct Tickle
Lisa Goddess Feminine Beauty
La-Mo Goddess Feminine Fierce
Poso -/- Indistinct Gloria
Seba -/- Indistinct Prize
Shambhala Place Feminine mythical city
Shangri-La Place Feminine Place in Lost Horizon
Somba Article Indistinct Socks
Yeti Creature Masculine Mysterious primate rumored to haunt the Himalayas
Soup Feature Indistinct Patience

Other names

Just because your kitty is a Himalayan doesn’t mean you have to stick with a Himalayan name. There are thousands of kitten names that you may like more. You may want to name your kitty after a favorite book character, a place she likes, or even a food item. Consider these other names for your kitty:

  • Ansel
  • Cali
  • Cheetos
  • Chipotle
  • Lower leg
  • Dusty
  • Paddington
  • Poem
  • Pooh
  • Smoky

Teach your kitten its name

Once you have decided on a name for your cat, you should start calling your cat by that name. When you feed him, say his name often and pet him so he associates his name with good things. Talk to the kitten often so it can learn to interact with you. Choosing a name for a cute Himalayan kitten can be difficult, but you’ll know once you get the right one. Your kitten will have his name for a long time, so make sure the one you choose suits him and you perfectly.

Names for black kittens

There are quite a few names that are especially suitable for black cats. Some are traditional, while others may seem silly to you, but chances are these names have already been used by someone, somewhere. You can be inspired by these lists to create a unique name for your pet, whether it is a boy or a girl.

Traditional names for black cats

You may have heard these names before, but at least some of them will be new to you. Many of them have something to do with being “dark” in some way.

                        Traditional names for black kittens

Abracadabra Coal matte Mystery Poe
Olive Charcoal Grimalkin mystique Salem
alakazam Cinderella Hades Dark-haired Santana
Ash ashes Hecate Morticia Raven
Ashley Cenizo bewitched Death Licorice
Asher Chocolate Spell Necro Sabrina
Ashton Cinders Hocus Pocus Negro Smudge
Batman Incantation Hosco Nevermore Soledad
black beard Cuervo Inky Night Rider Shades
Beelzebub Darky Immortal Nightshade moon shadow
Black Beauty Darth Vader Intense Ninja Somber
Blackamoor Deadzone Jet Night Spade
Blackberry Destination Lestat Nevermore Spot
Blackie Draco Licorice Obsidian Superstition
BlackJack Dragon Lucifer Omen Dark
Blackout Ebony Magic Onix Tarmac
Black Top Eclipse Black magic Black Orchid shady
Blind Spot Enigma Magic Dark Voodoo / Vudu
Eightball Faith Wizard Pantera Wicca
blackball Fate Midnight Persephone Witchipoo
witch Faith Midnight Nightmare Wizard

Ironic Black Cat Names

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For those who like to buck trends and overlook the obvious, here are some names that would be quite ironic for a black cat, as they all mean or represent something white, shiny, or the opposite of black. Perhaps one of these will appeal to your wry sense of humor.

                      Ironic names for black cats

Alba glitters Ghost Ice cream Snowcat
Bianca Cream Puff Flash Lucky Sol
Blanche Chrysanthemum Fluffy Nieves Truffle
Blizzard Cristal Frosty Shall Vanilla
Blondie Diamante Ice Snowy Whitey

Names are drawn from pop culture

Whether inspiration comes from a TV show, singer, actor, or sports personality, pop culture offers a treasure trove of name ideas. Give your feline one of these names as an ode to pop culture.

                      Pop Cultures Names for Black Cats

Aaliyah Empire Madea Raven-Symone Spike Lee
Aretha Fantasia Maya Angelou Rihanna Taraji
Beyoncé Fresh Prince Minaj Scandal Taye Diggs
Black-ish Homeboy Miss Ross Seal Tupac
Braxton India Arie M. J. Serena Tyson
Chappelle Jay-Z Mo’Nique Shaq Urkel
Coolio Kanye Ne Yo Sharpton Usher
Denzel Kobe Oprah Snoop Dog Venus
Drake Lil’ Wayne Prince Solange Whitney
Ellington Little Boss Pryor Soul Train Yeezy

Famous black cats

Some are real; others are characters from television, movies, and cartoons. No matter where they come from, they have some great names that you can borrow.

  1. Binx – This eternal feline from the film. Hocus Pocus is a young fellow who was transformed into a feline by three witches.
  2. Blackie – Although the name is not very original, the story is quite interesting. Blackie’s owner was a wealthy antique dealer who left his beloved cat approximately $12.5 million to use for his care.
  3. Boo Boo Kitty – Boo Boo Kitty may have been a stuffed animal, but she gave comfort to her owner Shirley on the television sitcom Laverne & Shirley.
  4. Cole – If you frequent Instagram, you probably already know Cole and his cat Marmalade. These two help promote pet adoption.
  5. Felix the cat – this animation kitty generally appears to wind up in a wide range of insane circumstances.
  6. Luna – This anime feline with a crescent moon on her forehead is the guard cat of the Sailor Moon series.
  7. Salem – This is the troublesome cat from the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Salem was a witch who turned into a cat as punishment for being naughty.
  8. Snowball II – From the long-running show The Simpsons, this cat inherited its bad name from the original family pet who was white. Over the years, there have been additional snowballs on the show with Snowball V being “the new and improved Snowball II” at least until his luck runs out.
  9. Pluto – Fans of Edgar Allan Poe will recognize this unlucky feline taking revenge on the afterlife in the author’s story “The Black Cat.”

choose the perfect name

While you can name your beautiful black cat anything you want, sometimes it’s fun to choose a name according to the characteristics of each animal. In this case, your kitty’s dark fur usually serves as the first inspiration. Once you get over your cat’s color, you can start thinking about her personality and use that to guide your choices. Is your cat sweet, a little mischievous, or perhaps intellectual? Tailor the name you choose to your cat’s true self and you can’t go wrong.

Special names for male kittens

It can be hard to make a decision when you’re looking for a good name for your male kitten. You don’t want to give her a cute name that she’ll soon outgrow or that’s so trendy that it won’t make sense in a couple of years. Make sure your cat’s name is truly unique with our list of cool names for male kittens.

Male names for your kitten, by personality

All kittens are playful, but you can often see other things about a kitten’s personality early on. Using personality traits to name your kitty can be a fun way to create a unique name for your kitty.

                             Names based on personality

Feature Name Meaning
Furtive Bomber, Kamikaze, Ninja It lurks to attack you
Bossy Boss (Boss in English) He likes to get away with it
Energetic Rebound (Bouncer in English) More than walking, jump, and bounce
Harmful Bella (Wicked in English) Naughty and misbehaved
Arrogant Mr. T / Sr. T A goalkeeper turned actor.
Ruidoso Rowdy Bustling
Fast Sonic Faster than sound

Male cat names based on history and literature

A good way to name your kitty is to base her name on a favorite historical figure or character from literature. Kitten names like Horatio, Lincoln, or Franklin are great names for your male kitty.

                    Kitten names inspired by history and literature

Matter Name Who is he or what did he do?
History Anzac Acronym for the Australian Army in World War I
History Colon Explorer who discovered the Americas
History Edison American inventor
History Einstein brilliant scientist
History Patton Military hero of the second world war
History DaVinci renaissance artist
History moisés led the jews out of Egypt
Literature Aslán The Lion from the Chronicles of Narnia
Literature Atlas A mythological figure who carries the world on his shoulders
Literature Bilbo The main character of The Hobbit.
Literature Gandalf The wizard in the master of the rings
Literature Indy Indiana Jones
Literature Loki Norse god of mischief
Literature Merlin Master Wizard of King Arthur

Choosing a name by the appearance

Choosing a male cat’s name based on his appearance is a great idea because he won’t change much over the years. If it is black with white spots, it will always be black with white spots. This doesn’t mean you have to live with mediocre or boring names. Look for any unusual characteristics in your cat: an unusually shaped spot, a unique color scheme, or even an eye color. If something about your cat’s appearance suggests a name you like, don’t be afraid to use it.

                    Names for kittens taking into account their appearance

Fur or characteristic Name Meaning
Gray Ash, Ash (Ash) The gray dust that remains when something burns
Black with white markings Badger A small black mammal with white markings
White White, Guero referring to the color
Café Hershey, Cadbury, Godiva chocolate brands
White Gaspar cartoon character, ghost
Reddish-brown Copper (Copper) A reddish-brown metal
black brown Espresso A roasted coffee with an intense flavor
With axes Pecas (Freckles) Small brown spots on the skin
Negro Licorice a sweet black color
Negro Nigel black-haired
Negro Darth, Vader, Darth-Vader star wars character
black and white Oreo / Penguin Cream-filled chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes
Spot over one eye Patch A shield is worn over one eye, associated with pirates
Spot over one eye Pirate Patch usually associated with pirates
Red Flynn son of the redhead
Red Hamish Braveheart’s loyal red-haired friend
Red Tabasco Enchilada sauce made with chiles
Café Chip / Spark / Chocochip Like in chocolate chips

Cat names inspired by music

If you’re looking for a cat name that strikes a chord, look to the world of classical and contemporary music for some inspiration.

                         Names Inspired by Artists and Songs

Genre Name Reference
Alternative Chester, Shinoda, el Sr. Hahn Linkin Park
classic Amadeus, Mozart, Figaro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
classic Chopin, Nocturne Frederic Chopin
Country Cash, Sue Johnny Cash’s song “A Boy Named Sue”
Hard rock Axl, Duff, Slash Guns N’ Roses
Jazz Mack (the Knife) Bobby Darin song
Jazz Louis, Pops, Satchmo Louis Armstrong
Jazz/pop Frankie, Blue Eyes, Boss Frank Sinatra
Jazz/pop Bing Clawsby (Bing garrets) Bing Crosby
New wave I must 80s band Devo
Pop-rock Elton, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer Elton John
Rap Biggie, Big Poppa Notorious B.I.G.
Rap Amaru, Makaveli Tupac Shakur
Rap Kung Fu Kenny, Man-Man Kendrick Lamar
Reggae Bob Miaurly, Marley, Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley
Rock Elvis, Presley, King, The King Elvis Presley
Rock Lennon, Ringo, Sir Paul The Beatles
Rock The Boss, Asbury Bruce Springsteen
Synthpop Lennox Eurythmics member Annie Lennox
Rock Esp. Dwarf, Dwarf Enanitos Verdes
Rock Esp. Manu Manu Chao of Black Hand
Rock Esp. Tacuba Tacuba Coffee
Rock Esp. Bug, Matador, Cadillac The Fabulous Cadillacs
Salsa Tumbao, Quimbara, Azúcar Celia Cruz

Make sure you like it

Keep in mind, the name you give your feline will be theirs forever. Felines learn and react to their names in a brief timeframe. Changing the name when your kitten is six months old because you have decided that Bouncy is a Bellaco will confuse you. Give your cat the name you love and enjoy calling him by that name for a lifetime.