Puppy Milk: What Is The Best Product Of 2023?

Puppy milk is a mixture of puppy formula, water, and food coloring. It is used to help puppies get the nutrition they need when their mother is away or unable to produce enough milk for them. The recipe varies from breeder to breeder, but it usually contains powdered puppy formula mixed with water in varying amounts depending on the age of the puppies (newborns will need more powder than older puppies). Some breeders also add some baby cereals or other ingredients, such as yogurt.

The most important

  • Dog and cat puppies whose mothers cannot produce milk and are not yet able to eat solid food need puppy milk.
  • Only the animal for which it was produced should consume milk. It is important to ensure proper hygiene during preparation.
  • Both dogs and cats need puppy milk for the first four weeks. From the fourth week, the animals can already eat solid food in the form of pulp.

Puppy Milk: Best Sellers and Current Deals

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Puppy milk: our recommendation of the best products

Lactol: The Complete Puppy Formula

Lactol is a quality formula for puppies, easy to digest, and rich in nutrients. It’s fortified with DHA, making it a complete food for puppies that aren’t waking up or waking up. It is also suitable for lactating females and older, sick, or convalescent dogs. Usage: Mix the powder in hot water until dissolved. Let it dissolve and give it to drink with a bottle, syringe, or cup. In the refrigerator, prepared milk can be stored for up to 24 hours.

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The perfect feeder for pets

This is the perfect product to feed your beloved pet! Being equipped with four spare nozzles, you can always have a clean one ready to go, and the cleaning brush makes it easy to keep everything hygienic.

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The transparent body of the bottle allows you to see exactly how much milk your pet is drinking, and the specially designed nipples are perfect for both small and large babies. Also, the environmental protection silica gel material is non-toxic and safe for your little one.

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Guide: Questions to ask yourself before buying puppy milk

How long do puppies need milk?

There are small differences between dogs and cats in the duration of milk feeding.

Puppies can eat their first solid food in the form of porridge from 4 weeks of age. However, you have to continue to give them milk for a while, as they will only be able to gradually replace their meals with solid foods.

If the solid food they are eating meets their nutritional needs, they can start eating it solely after the sixth week. Kittens should continue to receive puppy milk until 8 weeks.

How is puppy milk prepared?

Absolute hygiene is important when preparing it. Puppies are still too young to have a sufficient immune system.

It is important to prepare the milk at around 50°C, as it cools down during preparation. When feeding, it should always be at body temperature. If the milk is too cold, the puppy has to expend energy to heat it in its body, and if it is too hot, it can damage the mucous membranes.

The packaging indicates that you have to mix one part of powder with two parts of water. If your puppy has digestion problems, you should increase the concentration of liquid.

How are the puppies fed?

There are few differences between dogs and cats when it comes to their diet. Small puppies should be fed in a prone position. You must gradually accustom the puppies to the bottle. At first, it is enough for the puppies to drink the milk drop by drop.

The cubs cannot digest themselves, so the mother licks their bellies to aid digestion. If the mother is unable or unwilling to do this, you will have to perform these tasks. Massage your pup’s tummy with a damp cloth and watch for digestion.

How often should puppies be fed?

The frequency of feeding depends on the age and type of your puppy. Extremely young puppies should be fed every two hours. The frequency may gradually decrease as they age. As complementary feeding is started, milk meals are gradually replaced by solid foods. 

What types of puppy milk are there and what determines a good product?

Puppy milk is available in both powder and liquid form. The powdered formula can be mixed with water for a milk-like consistency or added directly to the puppy’s food bowl to make feeding easier. Liquid puppy milk is ready to use straight from the bottle. Both forms are nutritionally complete and balanced for puppies from birth to weaning (or up to 12 weeks of age).

Good puppy milk has the following characteristics: it is highly digestible, easy to absorb, and contains all the essential nutrients. It must be free of harmful substances, such as bacteria, viruses, or parasites that can cause illness in puppies. The ingredients must also not have any negative effects on the puppy’s health (eg allergies).

Who should use milk for puppies?

Puppy milk is designed for puppies that have not yet been weaned. Provides the necessary nutrients and vitamins to support your puppy’s growth, development, and general health during this critical period.

Based on what criteria should you buy milk for puppies?

The best way to choose puppy milk is by its ingredients. You should look for one that has the most natural, healthy, and nutritious ingredients possible. It is also important to check if it contains artificial colors or aromas, as these can be harmful to your dog in large quantities.    

The first thing you should look at is the quality of the ingredients used in a product. Then, check if it has DHA and other vitamins that your dog’s body needs. Also, make sure there are no harmful chemicals or preservatives added to the formula. You should also read the reviews of previous users before you buy it, to know how good it is.    

Decision: Which puppy milk is best for you out of the different varieties available?

You can distinguish between two different types of puppy milk.

Due to the different areas of application and depending on the pet you have, certain puppy milk is the most suitable for you and your pet. Because of this, and because not all puppy milk is suitable for all breeds, there are different pros and cons to each milk.

That’s why in the next section we want to introduce you to the different types and help you know which puppy milk is right for your pet. To do this, we will present the types mentioned in more detail and clearly explain what their advantages and disadvantages are.

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Here we must briefly mention when and in what cases puppy milk should be given. Independent feeding of the puppies is not necessary if the mother can produce enough milk. This process strengthens the bond between mother and puppy and should never be disturbed.

You can bottle-feed a puppy if the mother cannot produce enough milk for all the puppies, if a puppy is weaker than its siblings, if it is a runaway kitten, or if the litter is too large. In these cases, it is essential to help so that all animals can be properly cared for.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of puppy milk?


Puppy milk is a complete food for puppies. Contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins your puppy needs to grow up strong, healthy, and happy.


The disadvantages are that the puppy will not get all of its nutrients from a single source. It is best to feed the puppy milk for 2-3 weeks and then move on to solid food, but if you have to, it can be used for longer.

Purchase criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate puppy milk

type of milk

The most important thing when choosing is that you should buy milk specially developed for dog or cat puppies. Cow’s milk is not tolerated by either type of animal, as it causes diarrhea.;

Puppy milk for dogsPuppy milk for cats
High-fat contentBalanced protein and fat content
Feeding every 2 hoursFeeding every 2 hours
Start supplementary feeding after 3 – 4 weeksStart supplementary feeding after 3 – 4 weeks

You can find different varieties at pet stores. Veterinarians also often offer milk for puppies. Make sure it contains a few vegetable fats.

In the case of kittens, cat milk should also not be used, which is only suitable for adult cats.

Puppy food should have a high-fat content because it gives them the most energy. In the case of cats, the levels of protein and fat must be balanced. Please only feed milk that is specifically formulated for the species, especially if your pups are very young.

Keep in mind that different types of milk are suitable for different types of animals.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know

Which manufacturers and brands are featured in our review?

We include products from a range of suppliers and manufacturers in our review. The following brands and producers have products on the list:

What is the range of prices for the products being featured?

The cheapest Puppy Milk in our review costs around 6 EUR and is ideal for money-conscious customers. However, those who are willing to spend more money for better quality can also spend around 58 EUR on one of the more expensive products.

What products are best received by customers?

One Puppy Milk product in the review stands out with a particularly large number of ratings, namely the Beaphar product, which has been rated a total of 1276 times to date.

The product rated best by customers is Beaphar’s product with 5.0/5.0 stars currently.


  • The best milk for a puppy is its mother’s.§ It is important that the puppy sucks for at least the first 24-36 hours of its life.
  • Colostrum is the first milk of the bitch and contains all the nutrients that the puppy needs, in addition to the necessary antibodies to protect it from diseases.
  • Dog’s milk is high in protein and fatty acids and low in lactose.
  • If your newborn puppy cannot suckle, the best option is one of the many formulas available on the market.
  • In an emergency, you can prepare homemade replacement milk to feed your puppy until you can get commercial milk.
  • Consult your veterinarian to select the most suitable milk for your newborn puppy.