The Best Feed For Dogs According To Their Breed

The Best Feed For Dogs According To Their Breed

Our dog needs the best feeding to take care of his health in the short and long term. The opinions of other users will help us choose the best quality-price alternatives

The health of our dog depends, to a large extent, on the food we give it. In this sense, there are all kinds of feed. From those intended for puppies and young dogs to those designed for adults, older or sick.

However, not all offer the same level of quality, something that we can see by looking at the opinions expressed by buyers on Amazon. Here, based on this, we are going to analyze what are the most interesting options to feed our pets.

The best dog food brands

There are many dog ​​food brands. However, not all offer the same quality in their feed or enjoy the same prestige among pet owners. Here we have prepared a ranking based on these criteria:

  • Origin. Almost unanimously considered the best brand of dog food in the world. He uses fresh, regionally obtained ingredients to prepare the food. In addition, it carries out quality controls throughout the process and specifies exactly the percentages of each ingredient. For example, the percentage of meat in it always exceeds 85%, and does not contain cereals.
  • Acana. The best alternative to Orijen. This Canadian brand makes its feed based on the diet followed by the gray wolf, which is the closest ancestor of domestic dogs. The level of quality of its food is so high that it is even fit for human consumption. A top choice that, although it does not reach the quality standards of the previous one, is recommended.
  • Taste of the Wild. Another option is rich in protein and, above all, grain-free. Its feed contains the essential amino acids that any dog ​​needs in the exact amount, as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. This helps maintain the health of its coat and promotes proper brain development of the animal. Only use filtered water to eliminate microorganisms.
  • Instinct. Although their feed is suitable for all dogs, they are especially recommended to strengthen their immune system, protect their joints and preserve their mobility and help them maintain vigorous muscles. That is, they are more suitable for adult dogs and in the last stage of their life than for younger ones.
  • Alpha spirit. It is the feed recommended by many veterinarians when the dog suffers from a food allergy. The reason? It is made exclusively from natural ingredients that lack cereals, meat flours, and gluten. It is also worth noting its good value for money.

Eukanuba, Advance, and Royal Canin are other dog food brands to consider. All of them belong to the medium range of feed and have a fairly healthy composition, although not the same as the previous ones.

Amazon’s best-rated feed for large breeds

Based on what was said above, we are going to analyze the best food for large dogs according to the opinions of Amazon customers. eye! We do not mean that they are the most recommended based on their composition or their nutritional and healthy nature, but rather that they have received the best scores from their buyers. Go for it:

  1. Acana Classic Red. The preferred option of Amazon users. This 11.4kg bag of dry food is flavored with lamb, making it highly appetizing for large dogs. In addition, its composition is perfect for them to follow a healthy and balanced diet suitable for them.
  2. Orijen Original. The main alternative to the previous one. It tastes like chicken, the main ingredient of its composition. It completely lacks grains and is designed to strengthen the muscles of large dogs.
  3. Arden Grange Puppy Junior. An alternative specifically designed for large breed puppies. Specifically, it is ideal if they are in the full growth phase (between 2 and 9 months). It is also suitable for nursing mothers given its high content of antioxidants and nucleotides, which strengthen the immune system and promote the development of teeth.
  4. Royal Canin Diabetic. Diabetes is as serious a problem for dogs as it is for people. This I think is especially recommended in those cases in which the disease has already been diagnosed. Helps reduce blood glucose levels without neglecting your nutrition.
  5. Eukanuba Puppy. Another feed designed for puppies and young dogs is highly valued by users. Specifically, it should be taken by large breed dogs until they are 2 years old. Its high fiber content favors digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Amazon’s best-rated feed for medium breeds

Medium dogs are all those that weigh between 10 and 30 kg and whose height ranges between 30 and 60 cm. The best examples are beagles, bulldogs, or cocker spaniels, as well as water dogs, sharpies, or pit bulls. Then, according to Amazon users, these are the best feed:

  • Eukanuba Medium Breeds . This dry food contains L-carnitine to facilitate the metabolism of fats and help the animal maintain a healthy weight. In addition, it has been enriched with vitamins E and C and with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. In its preparation, the protagonist is fresh chicken. Its DentaDefense design helps clean and keep teeth healthy.
  • Advance Veterinary Obesity. Medium dogs tend to be especially prone to becoming overweight. In this situation, physical exercise and a healthy and balanced diet are essential. This feed is of great help since, due to its high fiber content, it gives them a feeling of satiety.
  • Purina Friskies. An outstanding option among users for its good value for money. It offers everything that medium breeds need and its formula, which has been designed and balanced by experts, strengthens their natural defenses.
  • Libra Balance. It comes with 15 kg of salmon-flavored feed. It is designed for medium-sized adult dogs, that is, dogs that have exceeded two years of age.
  • Brekkies Junior Original . We finish this section with this feed for medium dogs between 2 and 12 months. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps maintain a shiny, healthy coat and strong bones and teeth.

Amazon’s best-rated feed for small breeds

All dogs weighing less than 10 kg are considered small breeds. This would be the case, for example, with Chihuahuas, Pekingese, or Yorkshires. Amazon customers think that these are the best feeds for them:

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  1. Affinity Advance Senior Mini. A high-end food is especially suitable for small older dogs. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin to preserve your joints. It is easy to digest and has rice and chicken as its main ingredients.
  2. Eukanuba Mature. This I think can be taken by dogs of small breeds of advanced age. It is rich in FOS prebiotics to facilitate digestion and keeps teeth healthy and clean thanks to its special croquette shape.
  3. Ultima Adult. This product helps prevent the formation of tartar and shows off well-groomed skin and shiny hair. In addition, its flavor makes the vast majority of small dogs like it, even the most delicate ones.
  4. Bosch HPC Mini Senior. Contains mussels to strengthen the cartilage and joints of dogs. Its antioxidants, trace elements, and vitamins delay cell aging. Something important considering that it is a feed designed for specimens between 7 and 8 years of age and older.
  5. Nature’s Variety Original. We finish with a very healthy alternative made from boneless salmon. It is free of preservatives, colors, and artificial flavors and is rich in proteins and antioxidants. Its packaging is also entirely recyclable.

What foods should or should not eat a dog?

We have seen that dogs have a varied diet in which they eat everything, but we must take into account some exceptions. And there are certain foods that dogs should not consume since they can cause problems in their body. For this reason, we are going to see in a more specific way what dogs should and should not eat.

recommended foods

The best foods for dogs are rice, meat, fish, banana, melon, pear, and apple. The preferred vegetable choices include lettuce, spinach, and carrots.

Next, there are certain foods that dogs can eat, but in moderation and depending on their requirements. Some examples are broccoli, watermelon, tomato, blueberries, and bread.

foods to avoid

What foods can’t dogs eat? These are the ones that should be left out of their diet because they are toxic to them: grapes, nuts, onions, garlic, jellies, beer, pomegranate, chocolate, or peanuts.

It is also not recommended to give them almonds, celery, cherries, corn, shrimp, and popcorn, among others.

In short, it does not matter if we have a small, medium, or large dog. Choosing the right feed for him is the only way to keep him healthy and strong for many years. In this sense, given the number of options available on the market, the opinions of other users can be of great help when deciding on one or the other. Something that has become clear here.