The Best Pet Food Options 

The Best Pet Food Options

As a pet parent, one of the first things you think about before adopting a pet is how you will provide the best conditions for it to live happily, healthily, and beautifully. The key to a full life for your dog or cat is to give it as much love as possible, accompanied by good pet food.

Providing your regalón with the indicated nutrition from the initial stage guarantees that its formation and development, as well as its health and well-being, are more than covered. Choosing the right thing for your furry will save you many problems, especially in the prevention of minor illnesses, and will allow you to enjoy the company of an active and happy gift at home.

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Keys to your pet’s nutrition 

It doesn’t matter if you have a dog or a cat at home, the keys to your furry’s nutrition are the same. Following them to the letter and not ignoring these tips will help you perform very well as a pet parent and provide your best friend with everything he needs for his healthy development.

Good nutrition starts from the first stage. Do not forget. The sooner you start feeding your furry a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein, the better his growth will be during his first months of life. You will notice it above all in its energy!

The nutrients indicated for each pet. Remember that dogs and cats require nutrients, essential amino acids, and specific substances for their bodies to develop healthily and satisfactorily. Be sure to give your gift the diet that best suits each stage of its life, its species, breed, or condition.

Each pet is unique. No two dogs or two cats are the same and this authenticity also includes their nutrition. Observe your pet and you will understand what are the best times to feed it. Knowing your furry and following the instructions on the package, you will also know the right amount it needs daily to feel satisfied, remember not to overfeed it!

Pay attention to your pet’s diet. Many problems associated with skin allergies, hair loss, weakness, or gastrointestinal disorders, can be associated with the pet food you chose for your gift. Check with your vet and if the time has come to provide your furry with a superior diet, make the change gradually.

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How to choose the best pet food? 

Finding the food that your dog or cat needs require that you take several aspects into account. The first of them, and we could say the most widespread, is to opt for a supplement that guarantees the use of high-quality animal proteins and the lowest percentage of cereals and filler products. This avoids obesity and ensures that your gift is nourished as it should.

Second, remember that the diet must be adjusted to the life stage of your gift. Pay close attention to supplementation according to age, especially if we are talking about a puppy or senior dog, or cat.

The size also matters, as well as the life habits of your pet. If you have a dog at home, choose the pet food that best suits its breed and its physical activity. If, on the other hand, you share your life with a cat, pay attention to details such as long or short hair, as well as if it is an indoor cat or if it frequently goes for walks around the neighborhood.

If your pet has a health condition that requires you to feed it a certain way, don’t overlook this detail. Your veterinarian will help you choose the supplement you need to be healthy in the most appropriate way possible.

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Which dog food is better? 

This is very relative because you must not forget that your dog also has his tastes and that you must respect them. Whenever you choose the best nutrition for your furry friend, bet on recognized brands that guarantee a balanced selection of high-quality ingredients. Below is a good list of options.


Equilibrium has a complete range of dog food that meets all needs according to their breed and stage of growth. The line is enriched with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which guarantees a silky coat, healthy skin, and great nutrition.

Balance Light 

If you have a gift with a tendency to obesity at home, the Equilibrio Light line is the best alternative to keep it fed without worries. Not only does it help your pet’s joints to be healthy due to its glucosamine and chondroitin components, but it also has L-carnitine to prevent the accumulation of fatty tissue in your dog.

Balance Grain Free 

The Grain Free line is specially formulated for small dogs and guarantees pet parents that it is a supplement completely free of grains or cereals, providing a high protein value. It contains EPA and DHA which guarantees a healthy coat and skin, as well as the cognitive development of the pet.

Max Premium 

It adapts to the needs of small, large, and maximum-performance breeds. Its chicken-based formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals.


Naturalis is a  100% natural line that guarantees a diet free of artificial colors or preservatives. It provides 23% high-quality protein, in addition to cereals that guarantee healthy digestion. Its high content of vitamin E guarantees healthy skin and coat.

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Which cat food is better? 

Just like you would with your dog, your cat also deserves that you select the best food you can offer him. It takes into account aspects such as the length of his hair, his age, and the physical activity he performs, as well as whether or not he is neutered. Below you will find numerous options!


The Equilibrio line is one of the most complete, meeting all the needs of your gift. There are alternatives for cats of all ages and with various characteristics, even if they are neutered or if they must follow a diet that allows them to lose weight.

max cat

The palate of cats is very demanding, that’s why you will find in Max Cat a great mix of great-tasting proteins that your cat will surely love. Its balanced formula is specially designed to take care of your kitten’s urinary tract.


If you want 100% natural pet food that also makes your cat happy, the Naturalis line is one of the best options. It has taurine to take care of the health of your cat, and in addition to guaranteeing a balanced urinary pH, it prevents kidney problems. 

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