Top 10 Dogs For Cats

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Top 10 Dogs for Cats

Unlike in cartoons, dogs and cats tend to get along quite well, especially when they grow up together. Read on to find out which dog breeds are best suited when you want to have a mixed family.

Top 10 Dogs for Cats

1. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds tend to be very tolerant and patient, which is an excellent quality when it comes to coexisting with a cat or two. They are usually quite friendly with their roommates, both two-legged and four-legged. Bassets tend to be discreet and relatively quiet, so they won’t startle the cat by barking or growling. They are somewhat stubborn, which is to be expected in a hound, so if they do start eating cat food (or worse, kitty litter), it can be a challenge to train them not to. However, they are generally a great choice if you want to have a menagerie in your home.

2. collie

Collies make great family pets, and this is true when cats are part of that family. They are energetic and friendly, and love company, even when that company is in the form of a cat. Collies are famous for being great babysitters, and will sometimes extend that love and care to the cats in the house. They can be a bit noisy, and that doesn’t always go down well with skittish cats, but if your cats grow up with the collie and its sounds, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Cats and collies can also enjoy a game of chase from time to time.

3. Labrador retriever

Labradors are the best friends in the whole world, and this includes cats. Labradors have a lot of energy to play, which younger cats can appreciate. They are also gentle and kind to children, families, and family pets. Labradors are also intelligent and eager to please, so if they recognize that the cat is part of the family, they will surely extend their love and loyalty to the felines in the house as well. They are big enough for a cat to be scared of at first, but Labradors are gentle giants and cats are smart enough to figure it out.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The American Kennel Club recognizes the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a toy breed, meaning they are bred to be diminutive and friendly. These little guys typically weigh between 13 and 18 pounds, which is not much more than an average cat and, in fact, less than some chokers.

Toy breeds are designed to be companions and lapdogs, so they have docile and affectionate personalities. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are gentle, tolerant, and kind to all members of the family, including cats and other animals. They will love having cat companions and you won’t have to worry at all.

5. Newfoundland

The Newfies are another race of gentle giants. They are known to be calm, patient, and very protective of their family members, which can include both children and house cats. They get along with almost everyone.

Newfoundlands tend to have lower energy levels, so they can be a very calm presence in the home, and anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows that can be very welcome at times. Weighing up to 150 pounds, they are huge and have heavy fur, and more than one cat has learned that this makes them excellent hosts for a cat nap.

6. Bulldog

Bulldogs may seem like bullies, but they are quite the opposite. These thick but calm dogs are famous for their gentle and friendly temperaments and are known to get along with most people and most animals, including the cats in your house or yard. Bulldogs are patient and tolerant in general, so they will be able to put up with cats behaving like cats. In addition, they are large and affectionate, which will make them very attractive if the cat wants to snuggle. There is nothing cuter than a bulldog with a kitten!

7. Beagles

Beagles are one of the original working dogs. They have been bred to work and hunt in packs, which means they are completely comfortable and happy with other animals in the pack, even if those animals happen to be cats. Beagles are outgoing, friendly, and playful, so they’re likely to get along with house cats. They rarely exceed 25 pounds in weight, so they won’t be intimidating for most cats either. Beagles make extraordinary family pets, and that doesn’t change when the family incorporates felines.

8. Golden retriever

If we had to choose the most popular breed of dog in the world, it would most likely be the golden retriever. These magnificent dogs are among the most gentle, although they are by no means small. They are loyal and affectionate to all members of their family, cats and children included (and sometimes especially). Golden Retrievers are also very adaptable, tolerant, and patient, which means that they will be fine even if the cat takes time to adapt. They are excellent and playful companion animals and get along with almost everyone, including other animals.

9. Poodle

Poodles are usually quite calm in the home, and they are also very intelligent dogs, which means that if they know that the cat is part of the family pack, they will know not to try to harm him. They are a breed to consider if there are also feline friends in your home.

Poodles can be standard, miniature, or toy sizes. Toy poodles almost always weigh less than 4 kilos, which makes them smaller than most cats. Small Poodles are marginally bigger than run-of-the-mill homegrown feline varieties, yet both Toy and Miniature Poodles are an incredible size to coexist with felines. (Standard Poodles are fine, too, of course.)

10. Maltese

Maltese are also very small, toy-sized dogs, typically weighing between four and seven pounds, meaning they are smaller than the cats they may share space with. Like other toy breeds, Maltese have been bred to be friendly and gentle pets, so they are likely to get along quite well with the other pets in the household. They are so easygoing that they could be considered lazy and are much more likely to lay back and take in their surroundings (including the cat) than to try to change them.