Top 7 Egyptian Dog Breeds

Top 7 Egyptian Dog Breeds

Some of the oldest dog breeds in the world come from Egypt. Ancient Egypt is considered the cradle of civilization, and some historians believe that it was the Egyptians who first domesticated dogs. Egyptian dog breeds are lean, muscular, and adapted to hot climates. These dogs are not suited to cold climates because they do not have thick coats to protect them. If you love Egyptian culture, you will love these Egyptian dog breeds. Internationally recognized Egyptian dog breeds.

Characteristics of Egyptian dogs

Generally, these breeds are adapted to survive in hot, arid climates, such as the desert. For this reason, you can see that Egyptian dogs are slim, and muscular and have a single layer of hair that is usually hard. Therefore, it is not convenient for these dogs to live in cold regions, as they do not tolerate these climates well.

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Their domestication process was mainly oriented towards pest control and hunting, although they also accompanied the pharaohs and other powerful men. It is partly for this intention that streamlined and lightweight features were favored, such as the wiry, slender appearance of greyhounds. If you explore breeds from other parts of Africa you may come across these same characteristics.

What breeds of dogs are common in Egypt?

Virtually all dog breeds around the world have direct descent from ancient Egyptian dogs, especially those dogs whose origins date back thousands of years. However, many of these dogs have their history linked to that of other countries after being transferred by traders, and how they were raised and developed in those places.

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Despite how the natural and artificial evolution that many dogs have undergone has made their exact origins somewhat confusing and a matter of debate, the following dog breeds are common in Egypt, and their origins are directly related: to this region for millennia.

7 Egyptian dog breeds

Now that you know more about the dogs of North and East Africa, it’s time to explore the different breeds of this part of the continent. Do not miss anything that comes next, because the history and characteristics of these dogs are as exciting as the ancient civilization that painted them in their temples and mummified them.

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound is a fairly large, muscular, agile breed that originated in Egypt. Its current form was formed on the Mediterranean island of Malta, where it was used primarily for hunting. The Pharaoh Hound is part of the sighthound family and used its vision and speed to hunt small mammals. We decided to list this breed at Nr. 1 because of its “Egyptian” look and name.

The Pharaoh Hound is a relatively rare Egyptian dog breed. These dogs make very good pets. Unlike other hounds, this one is quite friendly and playful. They will be excellent playmates for children, as long as they treat the dog well. However, this is not a dog you want if you have small pets like gerbils, rabbits, or cats. Their hunting instincts are quite strong and mixing them with other pets is a great recipe for disaster.

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This dog belongs to the sighthound family. It is a primitive race, possibly descended from the canids that populated the Arabian peninsula. These dogs have transported to Malta and Gozo about 2000 years ago, where they were isolated, thus preserving their appearance.

These medium-sized, short-coated dogs with pricked ears have a sleek, athletic appearance. They can be tan or dim tan in variety and here and there with white spots. Adult males are between 56 and 63 cm tall and weigh 23 to 25 kilos. Adult females measure between 53 and 61 cm and weigh between 20 and 23 kg.

Armant (Egyptian Sheepdog)

Like many other countries in the world, Egypt has some breeds that are not recognized internationally. The Armant is the Egyptian variant of the European Briard. They are a breed of Egyptian farmers employed for various agricultural tasks. Briards came to Egypt during Napoleon’s successes where they blended in with nearby canines and made this Egyptian Sheepdog.

This is considered an extremely rare breed. They are medium in size and have yet to gain recognition from the big dog associations like the AKC or the FCI. However, these dogs performed their tasks well and are still considered very useful and valuable by Egyptian farmers.

Baladi Stray Dog

The Baladi Stray Dog is not a pure-blooded Egyptian dog breed, but its numbers are so great that they cannot be ignored. These dogs roam the Egyptian streets and countryside, earning them an unflattering label of pests. It came to life as a mixture of many races. The most dominant parts are the Ibizan Hounds, Israeli Canaan Hounds, and Pharaoh Hounds.

The Egyptian locals got tired of these semi-feral dogs wreaking havoc, so at one point they started killing and abusing them. Fortunately, there was a significant outcry from international animal welfare organizations. The Egyptian government and other organizations began spay and neuter actions that significantly reduced Baladi Street Dog numbers.


Also known as the Egyptian Shepherd, this breed is believed to be descended from another breed, the Briard, brought to Egypt by Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops. That is why the characteristics of this dog do not match those of those that originated in North Africa, it has long hair and its body is more proportionate.


Also known as the Arabian Hound, this dog has an origin that is still full of speculation and has not been officially defined. Although it looks a bit like the Saluki or the Afghan hound, the truth is that this dog was given as a tribute to the pharaohs. However, today it can be found in countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

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Egyptian shepherd dog

Despite not currently being recognized by the FCI, the Egyptian Sheepdog or Armant is a dog breed whose origin does belong to that particular region. These dogs would have arisen through the crossing of local Egyptian dogs and the Bearded Collie. Due to their energetic and brave behavior, these dogs are used as guard dogs and for herding.

Baladi’s Dog

Baladí dogs are not part of a canine breed but are those stray dogs of Egypt that have arisen through multiple crosses of local breeds for thousands of years. These dogs tend to be of medium size and have a shy personality towards humans because they live practically their entire lives outside of their company.

Are Egyptian breed dogs easy to train?

Each of the previously mentioned breeds has a different personality, so their range of difficulty in their education may vary. However, with the proper effort, these dogs can be trained for all kinds of tasks, using basic training techniques.