Why Is World Dog Day So Famous? Why Celebrate It?

Why Is World Dog Day So Famous? Why celebrate it?, pets lover,

A date to highlight its value in society and raise awareness about abandonment and adoption. 


Every July 21 since 2004, World Dog Day is commemorated, a date that was born motivated by the great importance that these beings that accompany millions of people in their homes have acquired. 

In addition to paying tribute to these colleagues who are characterized by their fidelity and unconditional love, it seeks to raise awareness of the need to provide shelter and care to those who live on the streets, eliminate abandonment and promote responsible adoption


In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 70% of dogs in the world do not have a home. There are currently approximately 300 million dogs in the world, with a wide variety of breeds and sizes, all very affectionate and willing to serve their masters in unimaginable ways. Today we have police dogs, fire canines, guide canines, and friendly dogs. We also find them on social networks, being a boom on Instagram, since they pose for selfies like great artists.


The intention of World Dog Day is not only to remind us of one of the best friends of our childhood and perhaps, our current best friend. It is intended to make people aware of the immense number of puppies that are abandoned to their fate, or that are still waiting for a family to adopt them in a kennel or shelter.


The data indicates that there are more and more people who are aware and sympathetic to the idea of ​​adopting these little animals.


During this date, in different countries, vaccination, sterilization, medical care, and adoption days are organized, campaigns that are largely promoted by animal protection foundations. 


How to celebrate World Dog Day?

When they come into our lives, they become one more member of the family, so it is normal to want to celebrate this day. In previous years, events were organized in some places for owners and pets to interact, but the pandemic has made it difficult to practice.

However, we can spend the day with them, giving them a different meal or taking advantage of the special promotions launched by some dog stores and buying something special for our furry friends.

Likewise, some animal rescue organizations hold vaccination, castration, sterilization, and adoption days for dogs, free of charge. Some people prefer to serve as volunteers in a shelter for dogs and even decide to adopt one.


Celebration of World Dog Day in other countries

July 21 is not the only date to honor a man’s best friend. In particular, a few nations correspond in observing Dog Day on August 26, a drive that arose in the United States in 2004 and has spread to different nations like Mexico, Colombia, or Guatemala.


Other events associated with the celebration of World Dog Day, with dogs as protagonists, are the following:


Filmography about dogs

Here are some fun and sobering movie titles about dogs for the whole family to enjoy:


  • Benji (USA. Director: Brandon Camp. the Year 2018): is a remake of the year 1974, which tells the story of two brothers who adopt a stray dog, despite their mother’s refusal to have pets at home. The children are kidnapped by criminals, being rescued by the brave dog.
  • The reason to be with you (USA. Director: Lasse Hallström. the Year 2017): shows the story of a dog through its many lives, discovering in each experience what is the reason and purpose of its existence.
  • Who gets Wesley? (the USA. Director: Huck Botko. The year 2016): A couple who is divorcing must go to court since they cannot agree who will keep their pet, an adorable Labrador retriever.
  • Marmaduke (USA. Director: Tom Dey. the Year 2010): A Great Dane helps his family adjust to their new life in California, amid disastrous occurrences.
  • Always by your side (USA. Director: Lasse Hallström. the Year 2009): based on real events, it shows the story of Hachiko, a faithful dog who accompanied his master to the train station daily, until an unimaginable tragedy occurred.
  • Bolt: A Dog Out of Series (USA. Director: Byron Howard. the Year 2008): In this animated film, a canine star of a television show believes that he has real superpowers and embarks on a series of adventures to rescue his owner…
  • Marley and I (USA. Director: David Frankel. the Year 2008): shows the life of Marley, an adorable and incorrigible dog, adopted by a newly married couple. A tender story full of learning.
  • Dog to the Rescue (USA. Director: Todd Holland. the Year 2007): a famous dog, who has participated as the main star in several films, has gone missing. He is adopted by a firehouse and becomes their pet.
  • Rescue in Antarctica (Canada. Director: Frank Marshall. the Year 2006): three members of a scientific expedition in Antarctica must abandon their dogs, who must survive in adverse atmospheric conditions.
  • 101 Dalmatians (USA. Director: Stephen Herek. the Year 1996): is a remake of the classic Disney movie. A Dalmatian couple lives happily at home with their newlywed owners. After the birth of their large litter of puppies, they are stalked by the evil Cruella de Vil.
  • Lady and the Tramp (USA. Director: Clyde Geronimi. the Year 1955): This all-time film classic shows the love story between a high-class cocker spaniel and a street dog.

How can we celebrate World Dog Day?

Although there is no single way to celebrate this day, many dog ​​lovers engage in leisure activities that are to their pet’s liking, such as going to the park, preparing their favorite food, running on the beach, or spending the whole day in bed. , with the air conditioning at maximum cold.


Although there is no single way to celebrate this day, many dog ​​lovers engage in leisure activities that are to their pet’s liking, such as going to the park, preparing their favorite food, running on the beach, or spending the whole day in bed. , with the air conditioning at maximum cold.


Other dates to celebrate

Day of the dog without breed. May 28 was established as a date that seeks to honor all dogs, especially those that do not have a defined breed. International Stray Dog Day. July 27 is aimed at taking into account the animals that live on the street, which need food and affection. This event was established in 2008.

Day of the adopted dog. September 23 was established as a date aimed at promoting adoption in shelters and kennels since many of these places do not have enough to take care of these animals.

-working-dog day – December 6 seeks to exalt the work of these brave specimens that help people, as is the case of police dogs, rescue dogs, substance and explosive detectors, and guides for the blind.

10 ideas to celebrate World Dog Day

Your dog gives you his unconditional love without limits, in return, you must give him all the care so that you can share many years. Here are some recommendations to show love to your dog:


Give him his favorite food 

All puppies love to eat. Go ahead and prepare a favorite meal for him, pamper him with a treat or look for some of the existing options of special desserts for pets. You will surely enjoy it.


2 Buy him a new toy 

Toys stimulate your dog’s physical and mental activity, entertain him, and can even help take care of his teeth. This is a great option to show your dog how much you love him.


3 Take him for a walk  

The walk not only serves for your dog to relieve itself, but it also keeps their mind active and helps them to be healthy thanks to exercising. Pick a special weekend and take him on a long walk somewhere you know he’ll enjoy, like nature, a dog pool, or the park with his canine friends.


4 Give him a bath 

If your dog needs a bath, take the opportunity to buy a suitable shampoo to clean it. If you have problems doing it, you can take it to a canine hairdresser where they will also leave it beautiful.


5 Buy a plate 

Almost daily we see various advertisements for lost dogs on social media. The tag is one of the most useful accessories that a dog can have since it includes valuable information such as its name, a contact telephone number, the date of birth of the animal, or if it has any type of allergies or illnesses


6 Give him a new bed or house 

All puppies need a place where they feel comfortable and safe to rest. Take into account the size and level of activity of your dog and look for the ideal bed.


7 Dental prophylaxis 

Your dog’s dental health is very important as his teeth are essential for him to interact with the world around him.


8 Cut his nails 

Long nails can hinder your dog’s mobility and could even dig into his paws causing discomfort. Ask your trusted vet to help you with nail trimming or to teach you how to do it without hurting your pet.


9 More times together

Your dog loves spending time with you. It is essential that you give him the necessary time for his care and also to play, pamper him and stimulate his mind. Remember to walk him at least twice a day and tell him how much you love him.


10 Keep it healthy 

The best gift for your dog is to ensure that he shares many years with you and the best way to achieve this is by being responsible for his health. Contact us and schedule your annual review and vaccinations. In this way, we will ensure that he is happy and healthy with you.